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[00:03.10]There go the house lights. 剧院的灯光灭了。[00:10.58]They are paid by the hour. 他们按时取酬。[00:17.56]Things are getting better. 情况正在好转。[00:24.55]Wake me up at five thirty. 请在五点半叫醒我。[00:32.22]We are all busy with work. 我们都忙于工作。[00:39.20]Where do you want to meet? 你想在哪儿见面?[00:46.15]You can get what you want. 你能得到你想要的。[00:53.20]A barking dog doesn't bite! 吠犬不咬人。[01:00.19]Are you free this Saturday? 你这个星期六有空吗?[01:07.68]Be careful not to fall ill. 注意不要生病了。[01:14.80]Being a mother is not easy. 做一个母亲是不容易的。[01:22.54]Brevity is the soul of wit. 简洁是智慧的精华。[01:30.07]Cancer is a deadly disease. 癌症是一种致命的疾病。[01:38.13]Did you fight with others? 你又和别人打架了吗?[01:45.15]Don't dream away your time. 不要虚度光阴。[01:52.14]Don't keep me waiting long. 不要让我等得太久。[01:59.55]He has a remarkable memory. 他有惊人的。[02:06.97]He has completed the task. 他完成了这个任务。[02:14.13]He has quite a few friends. 他有不少的朋友。[02:21.40]He is capable of any crime. 他什么样的坏事都能干得出来。[02:29.79]He walks with a quick pace. 他快步走路。[02:36.60]He was not a little tired. 他很累。[02:42.82]His looks are always funny. 他的样子总是滑稽可笑。[02:50.56]How about going to a movie? 去看场电影怎么样? /200810/52386I#39;m gonna struggle to the day I die of allowing yourself to look at glass half empty.我要挣扎到我死的那一天,允许自己看到不如意的地方。I just feel like,I feel like, now I understand, it#39;s DNA, and it#39;s wiring我只是觉得,现在我明白了,这是遗传。and if you grow up with a mother who#39;s extremely negative,如果你在极其悲观的母亲身边长大,it#39;s a really tough situation to break out of.那么你极难打破这艰难的局面。It#39;s just proven. I#39;ve understood.这被明过了。我已理解。You grow up in a tough town, I get it.我明白你成长的环境困难重重。There#39;s a couple of issues with that.但围绕悲观有几个问题。Number one, everybody#39;s got stuff.第一,这是每个人都会有的问题。The problem is nobody cares.但没有人在意。Once you understand that nobody cares, and you#39;re complaining to empty air,一旦你了解到没人关心这个问题,你向空气抱怨,you start going in a little bit of a different direction你的人生方向已经开始有点儿不同了,and, yeah, I mean, I try to, I like putting out positivity.我的意思是我喜欢释放乐观。The small minority of people that are mad, and angry, and hateful, and dark are much louder那疯狂、愤怒、憎恨和忧郁的小群体than the big percentage of us that are happy and excited and feel great.却比幸福、兴奋和感觉良好的大部分人更喧嚣。And because the way technology works, they are much louder than they#39;ve ever been before.因为科技的应用,他们悲观的声音比以往任何时候都要大得多。And so I feel like as somebody who#39;s got full of bright light and happiness,所以我觉得作为充满正能量和幸福的人,that I need to start getting louder about that as well也应该更大声得宣扬乐观。#39;cause that#39;s the only way we#39;re gonna combat it.因为这是我们击败他们的唯一办法。If that#39;s the thing that#39;s gonna get the loudest claps so far from this conversation,如果从这次讲话开始,乐观能获得最响亮的掌声,that#39;s what we need to be focusing on.那么我们就需要重点关注它。I feel more responsibility than ever as somebody who is happy and wants other people to be happy genuinely.作为一个幸福的人,我觉得自己比以往更有责任感,也想让他人获得幸福。If you leave with anything for any of us, please take on a sense of responsibility.如果你想给我们留下点儿什么,就承担起责任感吧。that if you#39;ve got good and you feel good to start sharing that content as well如果你感觉良好,也可以开始分享乐观的内容,because the world needs more of it.因为世界需要更多的乐观。 Article/201706/515288There was one emperor, Spanish by birth, who understood that even the world#39;s biggest empire needed to know its limits.一位西班牙血统皇帝深明 无论帝国疆域如何广阔 终有疆界He of course was destined, in Britain at any rate, to be remembered by a wall.在不列颠 他注定因一堵墙而流芳百世When we think of Hadrian#39;s Wall,we tend to think of the Romans rather like US cavalrymen deep in Indian country, defending the flag,想到哈德良长城 我们自然会想到罗马人 如同深入印第安保卫国旗的美国骑兵peering through the cracks and waiting nervously for war drums and smoke signals.提心吊胆地等待着 战鼓与烽烟A place where paranoia sweated from every stone.所及之处 风声鹤唳 草木皆兵It wasn#39;t really like that at all.但事实并非如此As fantastically ambitious as this was,stretching 73 miles from coast to coast from the Solway to the Tyne,它彰显着令人难以置信的雄心 绵延七十三英里 横贯东西海岸 西至索尔韦湾 东至泰恩河口and though Hadrian probably conceived it in response to a rebellion纵然哈德良筑此长城的初衷是抵御叛乱on the part of those people in the Romans loftily referred to as ;Brittunculi;--nasty wretched little Brits.即一部分罗马人口中所指的 卑鄙下流的小不列颠人Almost certainly, he didn#39;t mean it as an impermeable barrier against barbarian onslaught from the north.当然 他从未有意 将此作为抵御北方蛮族侵袭的坚实战壕The wall was studded with milecastles and turrets and forts like this one at Housesteads.长城上设有众多烽火台 炮塔 以及类似豪斯戴斯的堡垒But as Britain settled down in the second century AD,但当不列颠人于公元二世纪在此定居these places became up-country hill stations more like social centres and business centres这些地方便成为了远离喧嚣的避暑胜地 更像是社交与商业的中心than really grim, heavily-manned barracks.而非重兵驻扎的军营所在So the purpose of these forts became not to prevent people going to and fro so much as to control and observe them.所以这些堡垒的作用就变为 并非用于阻止人们穿行 而更大程度上起到了监控作用The forts in particular,became a place where a kind of customs scam was imposed on those trying to do business on one side or the other.这些堡垒的作用 就成了对往来其间的商人 收取赋税的关卡It#39;s better to think of the wall not so much as a fence but rather a spine around which control of northern Britain toughened, hardened and prospered.与其说这是防护墙 不如说是一条中枢脊柱 控制着顽强 坚韧与繁荣的不列颠北部 /201607/452383

In his view, this shouldn#39;t be a problem,在他看来 这不是个问题as privacy has pretty much disappeared online anyway.毕竟网络上隐私基本已经不复存在了The reality is that we don#39;t have too much privacy现实就是我们在网络空间in the cyber space.没有太多隐私If you want to travel, if you want to pay with your credit card,如果你想旅行 如果你想用信用卡if you want to access internet, forget about privacy.如果你想上网 那就忘掉隐私吧Yet, the idea that we could soon inhabit a world然而 人们却难以接受我们生存的世界where our lives are ever more transparent is very unpopular.变得越来越透明化的这个事实Some people say, ;Privacy is over, get over it;,有人说;隐私不存在了 忘掉它吧;because basically we#39;re trending towards the idea因为基本上来讲 我们正向着of just completely transparent lives.全透明化的生活发展I think that#39;s nonsense我认为这是一派胡言because information boundaries are important因为信息界限是很重要的so that means that we#39;ve got to have systems which respect them我们要建立一套能尊重隐私的系统so we#39;ve got to have the technology to produce,所以我们要利用科技来制造一个which can produce privacy.能产生隐私的系统重点解释:1.credit card 信用卡例句:They usually buy with credit cards.他们通常用信用卡购物。2.ever more 永远例句:Anything left behind became ever more diffuse.任何残留之物则变得更为分散。3.so that 以至于例句:I study hard, so that I may not fail in the examinations.我用功,免得考不及格。 Article/201704/505278

栏目简介:Students at Shanghai Experimental Primary School spent Children#39;s Day learning some safety tips from educational games. Huang Yue takes a look... Article/201706/511019英语口语1+1:Two's company three's a crowd【1+1英文】Angela: "I hope he does not come over to our table; two's company; three's a crowd."【1+1中文】安吉拉:我希望他别来我们桌,两人成伴三人不欢。【1+1】We say "two's company; three's a crowd" because sometimes two people are having fun together and would not have as much fun if a third person joined them. 中文意思:两人成伴三人不和。 /200605/7026疯狂英语900句 03-8相关专题: /200704/12521

And here#39;s a 9-year-old piano player who taught himself by listening to Frank Sinatra#39;s songs.接下来出场的是一位九岁的钢琴神通,他通过弗兰克·辛纳屈的歌曲而自学成才。All the way from Miami, Florida, please welcome Brandon.他来自佛罗里达迈阿密,下面让我们以热烈的掌声有请布兰登。What#39;s up, Brandon. How you doing?最近好吗,布兰登?I#39;m very good. I#39;m really excited.非常好。我今天非常激动。Good. Really excited. Yeah.非常激动。是的。Well, you look sharp, man. Thank you.你穿得很时髦。谢谢。I like the suit. Thank you. Yeah. I like the suit.我喜欢你的西。谢谢。嗯,我喜欢你的西。When did you start playing the piano?你什么时候开始学钢琴的?I started playing piano when I was 3. Wow.从三岁开始的。哦。Like when my fingers just started playing it, it leads me to everything I do today, really.当我的手指第一次接触钢琴时,是它成就了我今天所做的一切。Really? Yeah. It leads you to everything you do today? Pretty much.真的吗?是的。它成就了你今天所做的一切?差不多是这样。So I#39;m assuming that#39;s what you#39;re gonna do the rest of your life. I hope so.所以,可不可以说它就是你未来想要干的事情。我希望是。What do you think of music today, the new music? What do you think of like, you know...你认为当今的音乐怎么样,这种新时代的音乐?比如说类似的音乐。It could be better. My man!可以更好些。跟我想得一样!I#39;ve been...man, let me tell you something.你听我说。I#39;ve been saying that to my kids, #39;cause all my kids love hip-hop.我一直对我的孩子这么说,因为他们喜欢嘻哈音乐。It could be better, huh? That#39;s the same face I make.可以更好些,是吧?看我的嘴脸,跟你一样了。What about old-style crooners?你对以前的低吟歌手怎么看?Who do you like, those crooners? I really like to listen to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett.你最喜欢谁?我非常喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈和东尼·班尼顿。Tony Bennett? Yeah. Why Frank Sinatra, though?东尼·班尼顿?是的。你为什么喜欢弗兰克·辛纳屈?He treated his voice like an instrument, which I feel is very important.他的声音很像乐器发出的声音,我认为这是很重要的。I like to treat everything, like, my mind is rolling constantly with music.我喜欢我的思想和音乐一起不停转动。I think of that as an instrument, #39;cause that gives me the inspiration for the piano.我将它看作是一种乐器,因为它让我对钢琴产生了灵感。Really? Yeah. I love this kid, man.真的吗?是的。我喜欢这个孩子。Let#39;s talk about stuff for a minute. Well, what do you love about stuff?我们来探讨一些关于你的事情。你都喜欢做什么事情?Give me some rules you got. You got any rules?告诉我你的一些准则。你对自己有一些规定吗?Like, when you go outside, how do you go out?你一般出门穿什么?Pants and button-down. Pants and a button-down? Yep.衬衫和裤子。衬衫和裤子?是的。All the time? Pretty much.总是嘛?差不多。Do you wear shorts outside? No. My man. My man! Yeah!你穿短裤上街吗?不穿。好兄弟!好样的!耶!Man, people have been talking to me about Steve, I never see you in shorts.你知道有人一直跟我说,史蒂夫,我从来没见过你穿短裤的样子。You know, I just, when I go outside, I#39;m a slack kind of guy.你知道,走出家门的我一般会穿宽松长裤。Me too. Yeah. So, what about your hair, man?我也是。恩,那你的头发呢?How#39;d you get this? I do my own hair. You do your own hair? Yeah.你的头发谁打理呢?我自己打理。你自己打理?是的。We got that in common, too.其实我和你一样。I love you, man. I love this dude so much can tie a tie, gel his hair.我很喜欢你。真是非常喜欢,能自己打领带,自己抹发胶。What about your parents, man? What do they think of all of this?你的父母呢?他们对这些事情怎么看?Well...I mean, are they proud of you?嗯,我的意思是说他们感到骄傲吗?They#39;re proud of me. What about your dad?是的,他们很骄傲。你爸爸呢?My dad...We have nothing in common.我爸爸,我们之间没什么共同点。He likes sports, he will almost never wear pants.他喜欢运动,他几乎从不穿短裤。That#39;s why you didn#39;t bring him, huh?这也是为什么你没带他来的原因,是吧?Hey, mom, did he just tell the truth? Dad doesn#39;t ever wear pants hardly?这位母亲,他说的是真的吗?爸爸几乎从不穿短裤?He wears pants. He wears pants. No, he doesn#39;t.他穿短裤。他穿短裤。我看不是。Yep. You#39;re just trying to make him look good on TV.您只是想让他在镜头前显得好看些罢了。You#39;ve given two TED Talks, haven#39;t you? Yes, I have.你曾经在TED上进行了两次演讲,是吗?是的。What do you talk about on there?你在上面都说了什么?I talked about how the piano changed my life,我讲了钢琴是如何改变我的生活,and how I believe everybody has their own instrument,以及我相信我们每个人都拥有天赋,but maybe they just never took the time to find it.但或许他们从来没花时间去留意罢了。That#39;s an amazing statement from a 9-year-old kid这些话从一个九岁孩子的口中说出实在太惊人了,because what that actually says is, there#39;s no one born that does not have a gift.他的意思是,所有人都拥有天赋。You just got to identify that gift because we all have.你所需要做的就是要去找到它。 Article/201706/512474色拉英语 Lesson 84 (17-4) the loan 人在江湖混,难免有手头紧的时候,如何用英语跟哥们儿借钱,请看下面的英语口语对话。英语对话文本:I really hate to ask but I’m short of cash at the moment. 我本不想开口,但是我现在手头有点紧Can you lend me some money? 你能借点钱给我吗?What? 什么?Honestly I’m flat broke. 老实说,我快破产了。Can you help me out? 能帮帮我吗?I’ll pay you back next week! 我下星期就还你!I promise! 我保!Sure no problem! 当然 没问题!Terrific ! 太好了!Listen I really appreciate it!Hey don’t mention it! 嘿 别放在心上!Thank you so much! 真是太感谢了!I really owe you! 我欠你的!本集英语单词:Cash 现金/ terrific 太好了/ owe 欠/ pay back 还/本集英语知识要点:I really hate to ask, but …. 我本不想开口, 但….I really hate to ask, but could you give me a lift into town? 我本不想开口, 但你能让我搭车去城里吗?I really hate to ask, but can you help me with my lessons? 我本不想开口, 但人能辅导一下我的功课吗?Be short of …. 缺 ….We are short of cash. 我们缺少现金.They can’t complete the work today because they are short of time. 他们没法把工作做好,因为时间不够.Can you loan me some money? 你能借给我点钱吗?I really owe you! 我欠你的!He still owes me .I really owe you for helping me. 我欠你很多(情).I owe my teacher. 我深深感激我的老师.Honestly , … 老实说,…Be flat broke 破产Could you lend me ? 你能借给我10美元吗?I’m flat broke. 我快破产了.Don’t mention it. 别放在心上.Thank you so much. Don’t mention it. 十分感谢. 别放在心上. /200711/21363

I#39;ve missed him, and he#39;s gone.我没抓到 它跑掉了Man, they#39;re fast!Oh, this is hopeless.天哪 它游得真快 这下没戏了With a difficult and strength-sapping sea crossing ahead of me,要历尽千难万险 到达前面那座岛上there#39;s still a need for high-energy food source.我必须得到更充足的食物补给Time to move on and come up with a different plan.现在该继续想点新办法了There#39;s some trash washed up here.这里有些被潮水冲上来的垃圾Always a good place to find that sort of thing.在这里总有点好东西The windward point of an island all the wind and the waves and the weather 这是整座岛的迎风点 很多东西会受风 海浪和天气的作用driving stuff up onto the rocks.堆积到这些礁石上面Bottles are always useful. Look.It doesn#39;t matter how remote the place.瓶子绝对是个好东西 不管什么兔子不拉屎的地方You#39;ll always find some man-made material.你总会找到工业产品A bit of flexible rubber hosing.That, though, could be really useful.还有一小截橡胶软管 这个可能很有用的My discoveries have given me a new idea.刚才的发现给了我新的灵感Almost everything that I#39;m hunting for or chasing is basically faster than me.我捕杀的大多数东西 速度都比我快But finding just something as simple as a bit of hosing like that但是发现了这 一小截橡胶管has actually given me the advantage back.就足以让整个局面大反转It allows me to make a spring-loaded weapon that#39;s gonna give me more speed.我可以利用它来制作一个弹射箭 来提高我的捕猎速度I#39;m gonna make a simple bamboo harpoon.我要做一个竹制鱼叉It#39;s a basic design that#39;s been used for centuries and is still in use today.这种基本设计已经流传了几千年 一直沿用至今And just use the tip end of an agave plant to make a barb in this,我用龙舌兰的末端 做了一个这样的倒钩So if I harpoon something, it#39;s not gonna then come out.如果我插到东西的时候 就不会滑出来Now for the all-important trigger mechanism.接下来就是最重要的触发机制There#39;s very little that you#39;ll find in nature that has elasticity like that,自然界中很难找到 这么有弹性的东西And what this does gives me back the advantage of speed.这个小东西 完全可以弥补我在速度上的缺憾Next up, I#39;m continuing my quest to find food in preparation for a major sea crossing.接下来 我将继续寻找食物 备战跨海大计It#39;s way rougher here. I#39;m struggling now.现在的海况很差 我必须努力拼搏 Article/201704/501883栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201608/460637

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