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大理医院人工流产云南省大理东方医院可以做引产吗At Least 58 Killed After Dam Bursts Outside Indonesian Capital雅加达郊外水坝坍塌58人丧生 The death toll from a dam collapse near the Indonesian capital has reached at least 58 people, but is expected to rise further as dozens more are reported missing. 印度尼西亚首都附近一个大坝坍塌造成的死亡人数已经上升到至少58人,但由于还有几十人仍然失踪,估计最终死亡数字还会上升。Most residents were sleeping when the earthen dam collapsed, sending 70 million cubic feet of water crashed down on their homes. 印尼一座泥土水坝坍塌的时候,多数民众还在睡梦中,没有料到他们的家很快被事故引发的7千万立方英尺的大水淹没了。The muddy torrent destroyed hundreds of houses in the suburb southwest of Jakarta. 湍急的泥水摧毁了雅加达西南部郊区数以百计的房屋。Local television showed images of bodies and debris floating by what was left of the community. 当地电视台播出的图像显示了这个社区中的一些尸体和物件在大水中漂浮的情景。Emergency rescue services went in with rubber boats to get survivors - many had climbed to the rooftops to escape the flood. 紧急救援人员乘橡皮船到事发地点抢救幸存者,他们中很多人爬到了屋顶躲避洪水。Residents compared the wave of water that hit them to a tsunami. 居民们说,这次大水就好像是海啸来临一样。One man said at about five o'clock in the morning, he heard the dam collapse and all of sudden the water rushed towards the houses. He said the water was as high as four meters. 这名男子说,大约凌晨5点左右,他听到了大坝垮塌的声音,大水一下子就朝着房屋冲来,他说水深有四米左右。Indonesian authorities say torrential rains were too much for the Dutch colonial era dam. 印尼当局说,大雨造成水量猛增,导致荷兰殖民时代建造的这座水坝无法承受。Indonesia's Vice President Yusuf Kalla and welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie visited the disaster area. They promised government support for those who lost their homes. 印尼副总统尤素福.卡拉和人民福利统筹部长巴克利访问了受灾地区,他们承诺,政府会持那些失去家园的灾民。Indonesia often suffers from deadly floods and landslides during the rainy season. 印度尼西亚在雨季来临的时候,经常遭受导致人员伤亡的洪水和泥石流等自然灾害。In 2007 at least forty people were drowned in flooding in Jakarta. 2007年,至少有40人在雅加达的洪水中丧生。This latest disaster is likely to get worse.Authorities say there are still dozens missing and being rescued from what is left of their homes. 当局说,仍然有数十人失踪,救援人员正在洪水造成的残垣断壁间搜寻和营救灾民。03/65726大理白族自治州保胎多少钱 Fish oil supplements are a popular way to increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids, which are thought to have a wide range of beneficial effects, particularly for cardiovascular health. But are they effective in preventing cancer? A new study suggests the answer is … maybe.Women in the study — 35,000 of them — were asked in a questionnaire whether they used fish oil supplements. Six years later, those who did were much less likely to have had breast cancer."We found that women who were using fish oil at the time that they entered the study had a 32 percent lower risk of breast cancer than women who did not use fish oil supplements," said study leader Emily White of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.She says there's good reason to suspect that omega-3 fatty acids might protect against cancer. "There's a strong evidence that cancer is related to inflammation. So fish oil fits into that mechanism, since it is an anti-inflammatory drug."Despite the evidence, White doesn't think her study alone justifies a recommendation that women start taking fish oil capsules."No, I don't think that a single study can lead to public health recommendations to start taking supplements," she says. "Really, we need randomized trials, where people are assigned to take a supplement versus not, to answer whether a pill would be useful to take for cancer prevention."White explained that in a randomized trial, participants would be randomly assigned to either take the supplements or not.By contrast, her study is what is known as an observational study, where participants themselves decide, in this case, whether to take a fish oil supplement, and then the researchers observe them to see who develops cancer. But the women who chose to use a supplement could be different in many other ways from those who didn't.White and her colleagues did try to factor those differences into their analysis, but scientists generally prefer a randomized study, and researchers at Harvard are now organizing one to study the effects of both omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.White's paper is published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers amp; Prevention. 用鱼油营养补充剂,是增加欧米加-3脂肪酸摄取量的一种常用方式。欧米加-3被认为对健康有广泛的益处,特别是有益于心血管健康。但是,这些好处是否也包括预防癌症呢?一项新的研究显示,是“也许”。 参加研究的3万5千名女性首先被问及她们是否用鱼油。6年之后,用鱼油的女性罹患乳癌的比例比不用鱼油的女性要低得多。 主持这项研究的埃米莉·怀特说:“我们发现,这些研究开始时就在用鱼油营养补充剂的妇女罹患乳癌的风险,比不用鱼油的妇女低百分之32。”怀特在弗雷德·赫钦森癌症研究中心工作。 她说,有理由设想欧米加-3脂肪酸可能有助于预防癌症:“有非常有力的据,明癌症和炎症有关。而鱼油是一种抗炎剂,因此可见它在其中的作用。” 尽管有这个据,但怀特并不认为仅仅靠她的研究,就足以建议女性开始用鱼油胶囊。 她说:“我不认为仅仅根据一项研究,就可以提出用鱼油营养补充剂的公共卫生建议。实际上,我们需要做随机临床试验,随机指定参与研究的人用或不用营养剂,由此得到营养补充剂是否有助于预防癌症的。” 怀特说,在随机试验中,参与研究者被随机指定用或不用营养剂。 她的研究方法与此相反,那是一种观察式的研究。由参与者自行选择要不要用鱼油补充剂。然后研究人员观察她们,注意谁会患癌症。不过,选择用鱼油补充剂的妇女,也可能和不用鱼油的妇女,还有许多其它方面的不同。 怀特和她的同事们曾经尝试把各方面的不同因素纳入分析研究。不过,科学家们通常更愿意采用随机研究的方式。哈佛大学的研究人员也正在准备展开对欧米加-3 和维生素D的效果的研究。201007/110004大理市不孕不育症

大理宫颈糜烂中度的表现Agriculture and nutrition农业与营养Hidden hunger隐性饥饿How much can farming really improve people’s health? 农业到底能为促进人类健康贡献多少?IN A market in southern Uganda two traders squat behind little piles of sweet potatoes and a sign that says “with extra vitamin A”. A passing shopper complains about the price: 10% more than ordinary sweet potatoes. Yes, say the traders, but they’re better, bred with extra vitamin A. The bargaining goes back and forth, but the struggle to improve the crop has aly been won. Since 2007, when an outfit called HarvestPlus began distributing the “biofortified” rootcrop in Uganda and Mozambique, 50,000 farmers have started to plant it or crops like it. Vitamin A intake has soared and the produce commands a premium. The shopper eventually buys some. 乌干达南部的一个市场上,两个小贩蹲坐在一小堆红薯边,一旁的牌子上写着“富含维A”。顾客路过,抱怨价格太贵:比一般红薯贵10%。贵是贵一点,小贩解释道,但是这种红薯更优质,富含更多维A。虽然还要再讨价还价一番,但已经确定的是作物营养价值方面已经有所进步了。自2007年,供应商HarvestPlus开始在乌干达和莫桑比亚销售“生物合成”的块根作物,近5万农户开始种植此类作物。维A含量的显著增多,使得产品价格升高。顾客最终也逐渐开始购买此类农产品。Nutrition has long been the Cinderella of development. Lack of calories—hunger—is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation. But the hidden hunger of micronutrient deficiencies harms even more people and inflicts lasting damage on them and their societies. It, too, worsens as food prices rise: families switch from costly, nutrient-rich, fruit, vegetables and meat to cheaper, nutrient-poor staples.营养一直以来都是发展中被遗忘的短板,摄入能量不足——饥饿——占领了大大小小报刊的头版,尤其是当食品价格上涨,导致更多的人面临饥饿。然而,缺乏微量元素的隐性饥饿影响着更广泛的人群,并且对人们以及社会造成长期的危害。不仅如此,隐性饥饿还会加速食品价格上涨:很多家庭会从营养丰富的昂贵水果、蔬菜及肉类转向价格便宜但营养价值较低的主食产品。In 2008 the Copenhagen Business School asked eight eminent economists to imagine they had billion to spend on causes that would most help the world. Five of their top ten involved nutrition: vitamin supplements for children, adding zinc and iodine to salt and breeding extra micronutrients into crops (like those sweet potatoes). Others included girls’ schools and trade liberalisation.2008年,哥本哈根商学院邀请8位著名的经济学家一同设想如果有750亿美元,将会用到哪些他们认为对世界最有帮助的事业上。十大事业中的前五项就包括营养:儿童补充维生素,食盐加锌和碘以及农作物增加微量元素(如红薯)。其他事业还包括女童教育以及贸易自由化。201104/132976大理少女怀孕三个月做无痛人流价格是多少 Auto show goes green Shifting gears: Detroit Auto Show goes green Just a month ago, it was unclear whether the American auto industry would survive, but thanks to a federal bailout, the industry this week is able to look to the future and the cars that could help drive it into better days. CN's Phil Lebeau was at Detroit Auto Show with more. Hello, Phil.Hi, Lester, and the theme of the show this year, fuel efficiency and electric cars. On the fuel efficiency front the Ford fusion hybrid gets 41 miles to a gallon. This is gonna be serious competition for the Toyota Prius. On the electric car front, check this out. This is the Cadillac Converj and it has the same technology in it as the Chevy Volt which means it's gonna be all electric. In fact, it even added solar pan... panels that you can't see on the roof, but that's one indication of how futuristic this vehicle will be. But in terms of futuristic, you have to check out the cockpit here, Lester. The inside of it looks like something out of Knight Rider. This is gonna be a completely electric car. They're not saying whether or not will be built, but the odds are probably somewhere in the 2012 - 2013 range, and speaking of future electric cars, check this out. This is from a Chinese automaker. BYD is the automaker. This is their E6. They plan to sell this electric mini van in the ed States in 2011, price tag -- somewhere between 30 and 40 thousand dollars. If they bring it here, Lester, this will be the first Chinese automobile sold in the ed States, and if it is priced at 30 to 40 thousand, it's gonna have serious implications for the domestic automakers when it comes to electric vehicles. Overall though, Lester, when you walk around this floor, the somber tone is much more subdued than in past years. No extravagant parties. The production for unveiling vehicles toned down considerably. And that's understandable given the state of the auto industry.All right, Phil Lebeau, thanks for the tour, appreciated it.01/61504云龙县人民医院生孩子好吗

鹤庆县流产哪家医院最好的This morning on Today's Tech, "Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? ". Well, according to a new survey released by the Oxygen Network - Say goodbye to jewelry and hello to technology. In fact, 77% of women said that they would prefer a new plasma TV over that diamond solitaire necklace. An AOL's consumer advisor, Regina Lewis knows what women really want. Regina, is that really true that women want tech over diamonds? I don't think we have to… Diamonds we have to swear off diamonds any time soon (No). I think what that survey reflects in the results is that generally when you get something and you use it a lot, you are glad you got it. And the reality is we are using the stuff all day, every day. And it's making our lives easier. (Exactly) You know sometimes it's harder, depending on the technology. But tell me about this survey; it also says that, you know, electronics, of course, are becoming more appealing for their functionality. Right, it's interesting. When you ask men, men wanna know what does a gadget do, women wanna know what does it do for me. But not all women are alike and they are not in the same stage in their technology savvyness, so they're usually falling to 3 groups. The first would be Mrs. Doubtwire. So now who are they, and what kind of technology they are looking for? Well, Mrs. Doubtwire, a little slow to the games, still a little hesitant, it's a lot of people, probably now doing the email thing. ((Hold her kids at home) ) Yeah, doing the email thing, doing the google thing, if you are doing one of the things, it's digital photography. Women are the memory keepers; they actually became the biggest buyers of digital cameras in 2004 and remain so. (got a lot of) And now you are starting to see the feminine sensibility, (new cameras) yeah in the color, these are the latest greatest models for Sony CyberShot, pink, and you know (all designed for women in nice colors ) yeah, but it's great pictures, big viewing screen and then you know, you, you are not, like who's got a camera. You are lugging around the thing or you have a disposable one, so size and weight really matters. Put it in the purse (exactly) exactly, very easy to carry, all right, so the Mrs. Doubtwire is going for something like this. What about the prag, pragmatics, (Yes) or, prag, pragmatechs, pragmatechs Pragmatechs, it's the biggest group and it's women who say: Listen, I just need it to work, but you know what, if you throw in a little style I'll take it and when you mentioned. . . That's, 76% of the women you surveyed say they wanted to really work with that. Yeah, to the tune of 65 million dollars in technology purchases, so if you are a technology company, that's too big a number to ignore and that's why you're gonna start to see advertising towards women, and then products like this (right), you just scream, you gotta have this, (wow) so this was debuting on the show today. I have this computer, but mine is not as wild as that. Exactly, well this is the new Sony VAIO, you probably have a black or silver one (right).It has been the case for years now. They are only gonna make 500 of these limited edition and come out later this summer (Very cool) at Sonystyle.com, but a perfect example, does everything your laptop does. For when you want it, it's like shopping for a purse now. Yes, cool, excellent, it looks great too. (Yeah) Now I mean, as a mum, you're always like taking movie s of your kids, it's really hard technology though. But these are ways that can simplify your life. Absolutely, in fact, this one simplifies your life cos it's the same computer you have but you can put it in your purse. (Hmm umm) Right? The weight thing, (Oh my God, that's fantastic) if you carry around a laptop, the novelty wears off, right? Coz they're heavy. This, you are right, you bring home the s and then you get lost in cords. Who's got the right cord? You're behind the TV in the snake pit. Now...Impossible to try to play anything you've got, right? Yeah, exactly, so we just took the , we pop up the mini DVD, this plays in any DVD player, one step, one step always wins, that's what a pragmatech likes . Very neat. OK, actually. $ 500. Alright, but of course there's that woman still that always wants to have a little bit of blink in her life. It's more than a little blink, more The tech in the city, girl. Tech in the city. They like to techessorize. This Techessorize. That's 15% of women that you surveyed (Yeah) really like to have not only the, the function but also the fashion behind the technology. Yeah, it's a statement for that, and be steal my heart, and this is the new T3, (my gosh, look at this) all in one, this, there is nothing this guy doesn't do. Oh, Geez. Email, instant messaging, surf the web and thanks to NYCPeach.com, (right) it's got Swarovski crystal diamonds. We get the idea now, what about that (7, 000 bucks) speaking of crystals and diamonds, look at that television. Flat screen TV, we've mentioned that, come way down to a price, 1800 bucks. The price doesn't matter, 10, 000 dollars (10, 000 dollar) for also, (you can get all the blink you want for that) and you know what? Coz it looks good even when it's off, so it becomes an art form. Absolutely, well, Regina Lewis, it's great, thanks so much. You are welcome200810/52593 Not swatted yet消灭疟疾任重道远A new vaccine is one step towards a distant goal一种新疫苗让人类离消灭疟疾更近了一步MAN has vanquished only one disease, smallpox. In 2007 Bill Gates set out to eradicate another, malaria. The World Health Organisation (WHO) was soon rallying its troops to the cause and a flood of money followed. 2m went to research in alone. This week the Bill amp; Melinda Gates Foundation trumpeted another announcement: results from a phase III trial (the more extensive process of testing drugs in people) of a malaria vaccine called RTS,S. This is the worldrsquo;s most advanced vaccine for malaria and the results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, were encouraging.到目前为止人类只消灭了天花这一种疾病。2007年,比尔?盖茨宣布开始着手消灭另一种疾病即疟疾。世界卫生组织迅速召集队伍致力于这项事业,并在随后投入大量资金,年仅在研究上就投入了6.12亿美元。本周,;比尔和梅琳达?盖茨基金会;发表了另一个声明,内容是世界上对抗疟疾最先进的疫苗RTS,S的第三试验阶段(在人群中广泛使用药物并测量反应)的结果,发表于《新英格兰医学杂志》上的结果振奋人心。It is an important step in combating a disease that still kills more than 700,000 people a year and debilitates millions more. But it is also a reminder of how much work remains to be done.每年因疟疾致死的人有700000人,致残的有 数百万人,这个试验结果是战胜这一疾病的重大进步。但是它也提醒人们还有多少任务尚未完成。Mr Gates is only malariarsquo;s latest adversary. The parasite has plagued man for millennia. Chinese texts from 2700 describe plants to treat its fevers. More recently, in 1955, the WHO embarked on its first malaria-eradication effort. But transmission rates in Africa seemed intractable. After 14 years the WHO gave up. The last time the world tried to eliminate malaria, some scientists lament, the world eliminated malariologists.疟疾祸害人类千年,盖茨先生最近一个反抗它的对手。公元前2700年中国的文字资料就记载着一些植物能治疗由疟疾引起的发烧的。再往离现在近的时间看,世界卫生组织在1955年展开首次消灭疟疾的行动。但是在非洲,遏制疟疾的传播率似乎非常棘手。14年之后,世卫放弃了。有些科学家慨叹,上一次世界本来试图消灭疟疾,结果被消灭的是疟疾学家。The new wave of enthusiasm came with the founding of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership in 1998 (to co-ordinate planning), the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative in 1999 (with money from the Gates Foundation) and the ed Nationsrsquo; Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in 2002. This culminated in Mr Gatesrsquo;s call to arms four years ago and has helped to lower the number of malaria deaths by 20% over the past decade.随着1998年;遏制疟疾伙伴关系;(共同测绘)、1999年;疟疾疫苗开发计划;(资金来自盖茨基金会)和2002年联合国全球治疗艾滋病肺结核和疟疾基金的建立,对抗疟疾的新一轮热潮出现了。四年后盖茨振臂一呼,在十年里疟疾死亡率降低了20%,推动抗疟疾的热潮达到顶峰。More progress will be difficult. The existing tools of insecticide-treated bed nets and treatment drugs require careful co-ordination and good health systems. Eliminating malaria in a stable country is dramatically easier than doing so in a turbulent one. Worryingly, these tools may become less effective. Parasites in South-East Asia, for example, seem to be developing resistance to artemisinin-based treatments. To achieve eradication;or anything close to it;new weapons are needed.要想获得更多进展非常困难。现有的带有杀虫剂蚊帐和药物治疗要求配合细致和良好的医疗系统。在一个政局稳定的国家消灭疟疾比在政局动荡的国家更容易。比如,东南亚的寄生虫似乎对基于青蒿素的治疗起了抗药性。要想消灭疟疾;;或是向这个目标再迈进一大步;就得发展新武器。RTS,S, developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), a British pharmaceutical company, will help. The vaccine tries to stop one type of malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, before it has a chance to wreak havoc. A mosquitorsquo;s bite delivers malaria to the body. Travelling swiftly to the liver, the parasites hide, mature and multiply before staging a grand second act in the bloodstream, where they invade red blood cells, multiply again, and invade more cells. RTS,S combines a circumsporozoite protein, which exists on the parasitersquo;s surface, with a protein from a hepatitis B vaccine. Together, these trigger an immune response which can fight off invading parasites before the second act.这个新武器就是由英国制药公司葛兰素史克公司(GlaxoSmithKline研制的RTS,S。该疫苗能停止疟疾寄生虫恶性疟原虫的活性,使它不能为非作歹。蚊子叮一口就会把疟疾传到人身上。它传播敏捷,在寄主身上隐藏起来、成熟、繁殖,然后在血液里进行第二个大的行动,入侵红细胞后再次繁殖,接着侵占更多细胞。RTS,S把存在于寄生虫表面的环子孢子蛋白和肝炎B型疫苗里的一种蛋白结合在一起。它们共同作用引发一种免疫反应,在第二次活动前就击退入侵的寄生虫。GSK tested the vaccine in 6,000 infants across sub-Saharan Africa. It reduced the risk of clinical malaria by 56% and severe malaria by 47%. This efficacy was ;on the positive side of what we were expecting,; says Christian Loucq of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, GSKrsquo;s partner on RTS,S.葛兰素史克公司在撒哈拉以南非洲的6000名婴儿身上测试了这种疫苗。患临床疟疾的风险减少了56%,患严重疟疾的风险减少了47%。葛兰素史克公司在研制RTS.S的搭档;疟疾疫苗开发计划;的Christian Loucq说这种效力;是我们曾期待的积极一面;。However, more is to come. The trial examined children aged 5-17 months. Results for younger babies will follow. Still uncertain is how long the vaccinersquo;s protection lasts. The first year that the vaccine might be used would be 2015, and that is if everything goes as planned. Even then, it is unclear how RTS,S might be deployed. Its price is uncertain and its power limited. ;We realise that RTS,S is not the ultimate malaria vaccine,; says David Brandling-Bennett of the Gates Foundation. ;But it will have some role. The challenge is figuring out what that role is.;然而,更多的试验紧随其后。上面提到的试验测试对象是5-17个月大的婴儿。随后会出炉年龄更小婴儿的结果。这种疫苗的保护能持续多久还不清楚。疫苗投入使用可能会从2015年开始,前提是如果一切按计划进行的话。即使到那时候,还不清楚RTS.S会怎样投放。价格不定,效力也是有限的。;我们认识到RTS.S并非是最好的疟疾疫苗,;盖茨基金会的大卫?布兰丁-内特这样说,;但是它会起到一些作用。我们的挑战是研究出这种作用是什么。;Researchers are aly working on the next generation of vaccines. GSK hopes to induce a stronger immune response by combining RTS,S with a vaccine from Crucell, another drug firm. Scientists are also keen to develop vaccines that target different kinds of malaria parasites and in different ways;for example, in mosquitoesrsquo; guts. All of this work requires further investment at a time when global health programmes must compete fiercely for cash. Mr Gates has helped to spur progress. Sustaining it is the next challenge.研究者已经开始从事下一代疫苗的开发。葛兰素史克公司希望使用RTS,S和另一家制药公司Crucell的一种疫苗的结合体来引起更强烈的免疫反应。科学家也努力研制针对不同种类疟疾寄生虫和不同感染途径;;比如,在蚊子的内脏里;;的疫苗。这些工作都需要继续投入资金,而现在正是全球医疗项目必须为资金激烈竞争的时候。盖茨先生已经为推动研究进步做出贡献。如何保持这种势头是下一个挑战。201111/161569大理生孩子去哪里看大理市巍山县产检多少钱



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