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江西省妇幼保健院治疗青春痘多少钱南昌妇保医院祛疤手术多少钱COO John Leahy discusses Airbus future Airbus COO John Leahy discusses the challenges of aircraft manufacturing.There is a reason and there are only 2 major manufactures in world today is Airbus and Boeing build aircraft 100 seats and above, it is difficult to do, because you dont just need to get airplane into the air, you have to get within fractions of percent of the fuel burn predictions the range, the way we have been to promising people, and then you are gonna do a lots thing, you gotta build reliably, and it would get into service, its gotta to fly with 99.5%*ability.I just have mentioned those two issues, lets talk about how to oversee the situation in Syria, has to another spike in the fuel prices, this means that the fuel efficiency is paramount.Absolutely, and thats why we bring out our A380 family including single love family,in the new version the nail new engine option, it takes the proven reliability in fuel efficiency with A320, and we do sustain that fuel burn by over 15%, when fuel prices go up, its a two-edge sword, yes, the airlines maybe arent making as much money, but they drives the need to replace that older kit with new aircraft, you know, to afford.A380 is not still the answer to the capacity constraints as we have seen particularly in this part of the world. Absolutely, Im going out after we finish the interview to hit through to get on our airplane and you think about that air-traffic doubles in 15 years, Im going to look around hit through and say how can we get twice as airplanes, you cant, you cant get 20% more airplanes * in fact if we cant get 10% more airplanes then are use it to be the maximum capacity, so what did you do? It has to be a bigger aircraft, it has to.We see all the the catastrophe surrounding Boeing, problems in the dream line 787s. How many industry perspective or lessons can be learned?Well, what you have to do is get it right at the first time, and the airlines get very frustrated, if you bring them new technology product but the reliability is not there, we are watching the mistake they are making and hopefully we are not gonna make the same ones, we have all mistakes with the A380 program, we start a little bit with reliability beginning with that, weve got that fixed now,and we are going to great pains right now with A350 program, to make sure its mature on day one we deliver it next year, the airline are unanimous in saying, its not just the numbers in terms of performance, its the numbers in terms of reliability, we cant afford an airplane that takes 5 years to get mature in the field. /201310/258913南昌省人民医院打美白针多少钱 There are places even more hostile than the dust-choked plains.比尘土飞扬的平原更恶劣的生存环境也大有所在These alien landscapes are actually the sun-baked salt crusts眼前奇异的景象是延绵在非洲东部的湖泊of a chain of lakes that run through East Africa.被日晒盐碱化后形成的盐壳The face of these soda lakes changes day by day,那些碱湖的面貌是一天天慢慢变化而来的as the sun evaporates the water, leaving the salts behind.因为太阳会蒸干湖水 留下沉积的盐碱The waters here are toxic, poisoned by volcanic springs.火山泉使这里的水具有毒性But life does exist, even here.但即使如此 此处依然有生命存在The strange colours are created by algae,那奇怪的颜色是水藻产生的specially adapted to live in this corrosive liquid.那些特殊的水藻可以适应这里的腐蚀性液体And it is these algae而正是这些水藻that attract one of the most astonishing animals found in East Africa.吸引了东非最令人惊叹的动物之一Among the steaming geysers of Lake Bogoria,在柏哥利亚湖的天然蒸气喷泉间over a million lesser flamingos超过一百万的小红鹤bathe and feed in the caustic water.栖居在那极具腐蚀性的水中They gather whenever the algae bloom.他们在水藻爆发期大量集结201312/269529为了克人不能同时发出两个音符的局限,音乐发明家达伦·福尔曼造出了一台机器。籍此,他能仅用自己的声音进行声音循环和声音层叠。因为他能轻轻松松模仿许多声音,从啼哭的婴儿到嗡嗡叫的苍蝇,更别提模仿那些你能想象到的乐器,所以请坐好,让这次炫目的表演对你进行一次声音的洗涤。201405/294904南昌/治疗黄褐斑要多少钱

南昌妇幼保健院激光脱毛多少钱奥迪S6 2013超级碗广告,给你勇气。2012年中,“屌丝逆袭”的故事我们着实看了不少,无论是炒作还是恶搞,这些“励志故事”往往都能引起我们这些资深屌丝的极大反响与共鸣,奥迪似乎也看到了这一点,他们将一台绝对“高帅富”的S6与一位其貌不扬、气场不强的男孩结合在了一起,以奥迪S6的霸气为男孩增添逆袭的勇气。然而现在不妨让我们跳出来再重新审视这则广告,奥迪似乎也将自己比作这个男孩,面对各路强手的挑战,奥迪绝不退缩,鼓起勇气将“逆袭”进行到底。以下是英文文本:Mom: Look at you – so dashing – come on. Lots of people go by themselves.Sister: No they don’t!Dad:Hey, son have fun tonight.Dude: HEY!!(black-eye)Bravery. It’s what defines us.201404/291669南昌附属医院去眼袋多少钱 萍乡激光除斑多少钱

江西省南昌/同济医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱 They say that Bruce Lee was the father of mixed martial arts.That bothers me.他们把李小龙称作综合搏击之父,这让我大为光火。If hes the father of mixed martial arts Im the grandfather of mixed martial arts. 如果他是综合搏击之父,那么我就是综合搏击之祖。And if you dont believe me, Ill choke you cos you got a nice neck for choking.如果你不气,我就扼死你,因为你的脖子一掐即断。When you get into this whole martial arts thing and you start talking about Bruce Lee a lot of people get offended.People get pissed off and bombed out and everything else.But Bruce Lee is 100 percent the father of mixed martial arts.当你聊起搏斗这一话题,并谈起李小龙时就会激怒无数人,很多人会恼羞成怒或大发雷霆,但李小龙是百分之百的综合搏击之父。He was so directed and so concrete about his thoughts and his beliefs that he actually went out and had his friend George make a little miniature tombstone.他对于自己的想法和信仰过于直率和偏执,他甚至让自己的朋友乔治铸了一座小墓碑。Its really heavy and it says,;Inmemory of a once fluid man crammed and distorted by the classical mess.;它十分沉重,上面写道,深切缅怀一位被经典混乱扭曲的自由之人The classical mess meant that all these traditions were a classical mess.经典混乱的意思是一切的传统都是经典混乱。;The right punch comes.Ill move out to a 30-degree angle.;右勾拳打来时我会转移30度躲避;Then Ill bend my...; Its too complicated.然后我弯曲... 太复杂了Its not gonna work in real life.在现实世界根本不可能So here was this tombstone he created to essentially remind himself to go back to fluidity.他造出这个墓碑是为了提醒自己回到流畅自然的状态201312/266778南昌/全身脱毛需要多少钱南昌/鼻整形



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