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贵阳中医学院第二附属医院的产科怎么样贵 阳 市 花 溪 区 中 医 院 妇 科 专 家 大 夫U.S. President Barack Obama played golf Wednesday with a new and distinguished playing partner - Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.美国总统奥巴马星期三与一位名人成为高尔夫新球友,他就是马来西亚总理拉扎克。Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Najib are vacationing in the U.S. Pacific state of Hawaii, the U.S. presidents birthplace.奥巴马和拉扎克都在地处太平洋的夏威夷度假。夏威夷是奥巴马的出生地。The two leaders played a round of Christmas Eve golf at the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay along with two of Mr. Obamas aides.圣诞前夕,在卡内奥赫湾美国海军陆战队基地,奥巴马、拉扎克以及奥巴马的两名助手打了一轮高尔夫。The White House released a statement saying the duo ;took the opportunity to discuss the growing and warming relationship between the ed States and Malaysia,; and that the president looked forward to working with Mr. Najib next year, when Malaysia takes over the chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.白宫发表声明说,奥巴马和拉扎克利用这次机会讨论了美国和马来西亚之间不断发展的友好关系,并表示奥巴马期待明年与拉扎克总理合作,届时马来西亚将接任东盟轮值主席。President Obama visited Malaysia earlier this year, the first sitting U.S. president to visit the country in nearly 50 years.奥巴马今年初曾访问马来西亚。这是近50年来首位美国在任总统访问这个国家。来 /201412/350620清镇市人民医院做人流多少钱 Fran#231;ois Hollande, France’s president, rightly called it “an act of exceptional barbarity . . . against freedom of expression But the murder on Wednesday of 12 people at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine, will not surprise anyone familiar with the rising tensions among France’s 5m or more Muslim citizens and the poisonous legacy of French colonialism in north Africa.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)恰如其分地将周三发生的击案称为“针对言论自由的……惨无人道之举”。不过,任何一个人,如果熟悉法国穆斯林公民群体中日渐紧张的情绪,以及法国对北非那段殖民历史延续至今的遗毒,那么他对讽刺漫画杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)巴黎总部12人被杀一事就不会感到意外。如今,法国的穆斯林公民人口已达00万甚至更多。For now, the perpetrators are unidentified. We need to keep in mind that the worst terrorist outrage in Europe of recent years, the murder of 77 people in Norway in 2011, was committed not by Islamist militants but by a far-right fanatic, Anders Behring Breivik.目前,袭击者的身份已经查明。我们不能忘记的是,欧洲近年来最严重恐怖事件的制造者,不是伊斯兰武装分子,而是极右翼狂热分子安德斯#8226;贝林#8226;布雷维克(Anders Behring Breivik)。在2011年发生在挪威的那次事件中,他杀害了77人。Like other politically motivated attacks, from 9/11 to the killing last May of four people at the Jewish museum in Brussels, the atrocity at Charlie Hebdo was despicable and indefensible. Among the first to condemn it was the French Council of the Muslim Faith, which termed it “a barbaric act against democracy and freedom of the press#8226;11事件到去月的布鲁塞尔犹太物馆事件(那次事件导致4人丧生),再到针对《查理周刊》的暴行,这种政治动机驱动的恐怖袭击都是卑鄙而不可原谅的。法国穆斯林信仰理事French Council of the Muslim Faith)是最先发声谴责的团体之一,称这次事件是“针对民主和出版自由的野蛮行径”。Charlie Hebdo is a bastion of the French tradition of hard-hitting satire. It has a long record of mocking, baiting and needling Muslims. Two years ago the magazine published a 65-page strip cartoon book portraying the Prophet’s life. And this week it gave special coverage to Soumission (“Submission, a new novel by Michel Houellebecq, the idiosyncratic author, which depicts France in the grip of an Islamic regime led by a Muslim president.《查理周刊》是法国媒体尖锐讽刺传统的一座堡垒。长期以来它都不乏揶揄、讥讽和针砭穆斯林的内容。两年前,该杂志出版过一5页的连环漫画书,描绘伊斯兰先the Prophet)的生活。就在本周,该杂志为米歇#8226;维勒贝克(Michel Houellebecq)的新小说《屈Soumission)制作了一组专题报道。维勒贝克是一位特立独行的作家,《屈》描绘的是一位穆斯林总统领导的伊斯兰政权控制下的法国。This is not in the slightest to condone the murderers, who must be caught and punished, or to suggest that freedom of expression should not extend to satirical portrayals of religion. It is merely to say that some common sense would be useful at publications such as Charlie Hebdo, and Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten, which purport to strike a blow for freedom when they provoke Muslims.这么说并没有任何为凶手开脱的意思,凶手必须被绳之以法。这么说也并非暗示言论自由不适用于对宗教的讽刺。我只是想说,对《查理周刊》和丹麦的《日德兰邮报Jyllands-Posten)这类刊物来说,用“常识”来思考会有帮助。这些杂志在激怒穆斯林的时候,总是自称是为了自由而战。Emotions are understandably high in France, where the next question is what impact Wednesday’s murders will have on the political climate, and in particular the fortunes of Marine Le Pen and her far-right National Front. Anti-Islamism is part of the electoral attraction of a party that topped the polls in May in France’s European Parliament elections.法国现在群情激奋,这可以理解。下一个问题是,这一杀事件会对法国政局带来什么影响,特别是对马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)及其领导的极右翼党派国民阵线(National Front)带来什么影响。该党在去年5月举行的法国欧洲议会选举中得票率第一,反伊斯兰主义正是其高人气的一个因素。Ms Le Pen has taken care to distance her party from the anti-Semitism that stained it and limited its appeal under her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. But she has left anti-Islamism in place and even reinforced it.勒庞已谨慎地让其政党和反犹太主义保持一定距离。在她父亲让-玛丽#8226;勒庞(Jean-Marie Le Pen)领导国民阵线时,反犹太主义曾是该党的政治污点,并影响到它对选民的吸引力。但勒庞并未改变反伊斯兰主义的态度,甚至有所强化。In 2010 Ms Le Pen compared Muslims praying in the streets to the 1940-44 Nazi occupation of France. Less than 18 months later she collected 17.9 per cent of the vote in France’s presidential election. She has a good chance of increasing her share of the vote enough to win the first round though not the second, decisive round of the 2017 election.2010年,勒庞把穆斯林在街头祈祷比940-44年纳粹占领法囀?不8个月之后,她在法国总统选举中赢得了17.9%的选票。在2017年的选举中,她很可能会在第一轮中以更大的优势胜出——虽然不是在决定性的第二轮。Anti-Islamism and a hard line on immigration will shore up Ms Le Pen’s core vote, but they will not unlock the doors of the Elysée Palace. Surveys show that a majority of French people rejects racism and dislikes extremism.反伊斯兰主义以及对移民的强硬态度,将为勒庞拉来核心选票,但这不会为她打开通往爱丽舍宫(Elysée Palace)的大门。调查显示,多数法国人反对种族主义,也不喜欢极端主义。The English author Andrew Hussey, who lives in Paris, published a book last year called The French Intifada, in which he described France as “the world capital of liberty, equality and fraternity#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;under attack from the angry and dispossessed heirs to the French colonial project在巴黎生活的英国作家安德鲁·赫Andrew Hussey)去年出版了新书《法国起义The French Intifada),他在书中把法国形容为“自由、平等、友爱的世界首都,但承受着那些愤怒的、失势的法国殖民计划继承者的攻击。”The murders in Paris throw down a challenge to French politicians and citizens to stand up for the republic’s core values and defeat political violence without succumbing to the siren songs of the far right.巴黎发生的杀事件对法国政客和公民发出了挑战,将考验他们是否有勇气为法国的核心价值观挺身而出,击败政治暴力,拒绝屈于极右翼狂热分子的塞壬之歌。来 /201501/353356WOMEN traveling to Saudi Arabia often raise eyebrows there, and Michelle Obama was no exception.去沙特阿拉伯旅行的西方女人往往会令那里的人扬起眉毛,米歇尔·奥巴Michelle Obama)也不例外。When Mrs. Obama recently appeared in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the company of President Obama with her hair uncovered, she was following well-established diplomatic protocol for prominent foreign women visiting the country, where strict religious laws otherwise require women to have their heads covered.前不久,在总统奥巴马的陪伴下,奥巴马夫人出现在沙特首都利雅得,她没有戴头巾,这是遵循了外国著名女性拜访该国的悠久外交礼节。然而依照沙特阿拉伯严格的宗教规定,女性必须戴头巾。But a commotion ensued, exacerbated by a faked YouTube that suggested that Saudi state television had blurred out images of Mrs. Obama and her uncovered head. The had been doctored, and not by Saudi television. But a furor still is playing out on Twitter over Mrs. Obama and the absent head scarf.但是,这引发了一场骚动,YouTube上的一个伪造视频更加剧了这场骚动。该视频显示,沙特阿拉伯国家电视台把奥巴马夫人和她未戴头巾的头部作了模糊处理。这段视频是篡改过的,并非来自沙特阿拉伯国家电视台。但是Twitter上仍出现了关于奥巴马夫人未戴头巾的激烈争论。That makes for an interesting backdrop, as more women are traveling to Saudi Arabia on business these days. And they are encountering the laws that limit the social and physical mobility of women in the kingdom, where it is illegal for a woman to drive a car.这是一个有趣的背景,因为如今越来越多的女人会去沙特出差。她们会遇到这个王国限制女性社会和身体流动性的各种法律。在那里,女人开车是违法的。In 2015, a theme being widely applied to the hajj pilgrimage that brings millions of Muslims to Saudi holy sites each year is “The Year of Development,to highlight significant economic and social changes in the kingdom. In a country whose economy is being battered by the drop in world oil prices, there is growing emphasis on improving infrastructure and business development, including the building of new hotels. Among many global hotel companies with new projects in Saudi Arabia are Marriott, Carlson Rezidor and InterContinental, which is developing its Staybridge Suites brand in Jeddah.每年,成百上千万穆斯林前往沙特圣地麦加朝圣015年朝圣的一个主题是“发展之年”,突显这个王国的经济和社会变革。该国经济正因全球油价下跌而遭受打击,所以越来越重视改善基础设施,促进商业发展,包括建新酒店。很多全球酒店集团正在沙特建新酒店,包括万豪(Marriott)、卡尔森瑞德酒店(Carlson Rezidor)和洲际酒InterContinental)。洲际酒店正在吉达扩张自己的驻桥套房(Staybridge Suites)品牌。But as this development expands, can businesswomen from abroad work effectively within a culture where, for example, a Saudi woman was arrested in December for attending a soccer match? Yes but it requires planning and agility, says Nancy J. Ruddy, a co-founder of CetraRuddy, an architectural firm in New York that has been working in Saudi Arabia on the design for a large business hotel project in Jeddah. The five-star Galleria hotel and retail center is scheduled to open late this year.但是在这些发展的同时,国外的商务女性能在这种文化中有效率地进行工作吗?去年12月,一名沙特女子因去现场观看足球赛而被捕。纽约建筑公司CetraRuddy的联合创始人南希·J·拉迪(Nancy J. Ruddy)说,女人能够在这里有效率地工作,不过需要计划和机智。该公司正在吉达设计一个大型商务酒店项目。这个五星级加列里亚饭店(Galleria)和零售中心计划今年年底开业。We’re all familiar with the basic drill in Saudi society, where even restaurants are segregated, with women and children seated in special sections away from men. But I asked Ms. Ruddy whether there are lesser-known hurdles in doing business while female in Saudi Arabia.我们都知道沙特社会的一些基本习俗,在那里甚至连餐馆都设立隔离区,女人和孩子被安置在特殊区域,与男人隔开。但是我问拉迪,女性在沙特做生意有没有什么不太为人所知的障碍。“Any country that I go to, I really study the customs and I get advice from people who have been there, so the obvious things about having to wear these robes, these abayas, about being covered, everybody knows about those things,she said. “But there are certain things we all assume are basic in our global world, even if it is a country like Saudi Arabia, such as the availability of bathrooms.”“不管去哪个国家,我都会认真研究那里的习俗,询问去过那里的人的建议。很显然,你必须穿长袍,盖住头,谁都知道这些,”她说,“但是有些东西我们以为全世界都有,甚至在沙特这样的国家也应该有,可实际上那里没有,比如卫生间。”Many of her business meetings with the development company, an arm of the Saudi royal family, took place in a modern 23-story office building, she said.她说,她和开发公司的很多商务会议都是在一3层的现代写字楼里进行的。那是沙特皇室的公司。“But there was no ladiesroom, which was totally shocking to me,she said. “During my first trip there, if I needed to use the bathroom, I would have to say that I need to go back to my hotel, and I would have to be walked back to the hotel by a man, because you’re not allowed as a woman to walk around unaccompanied on the streets. And because there are almost no women in the work force in Saudi Arabia, there are no ladiesrooms in office buildings.”“但是那里没有女卫生间,这让我极为震惊,”她说,“我第一次去那儿时,如果我需要去卫生间,我只能说我需要回酒店,然后必须有一个男人送我回酒店,因为在沙特,没有男人陪伴,女人不能独自在街上走动。因为沙特女人几乎都不工作,所以写字楼里没有女卫生间。”So Ms. Ruddy resorted to a kind of bathroom diplomacy during her frequent work sessions there. “All of the male executives had private bathrooms, so I asked if it was possible for one of those bathrooms to be put out of commission so I could use it, so I wouldn’t have to ask some man to take me on a 15-minute walk back to my hotel.”所以,在那里频繁工作期间,拉迪想出了一种卫生间外交策略。“所有男性高管都有私人卫生间,所以我询问是否有可能留出一个卫生间给我用,这样我就不用让某个男人陪我走15分钟回酒店了。”Voilà! Compromise was achieved and a little sign on a door solved a big problem.好了!他们让步了,在门上挂一个小牌子就解决了一个大问题。By and large, as more women travel on business in Saudi Arabia, more of them are finding ways to work around the system, even as some social pressure builds within the country from Saudi women, who make up 20 percent of the country’s work force, up from 16 percent a decade ago. That is still among the lowest female work force percentages of any country, according to data from the World Bank.总的来说,随着更多女人到沙特出差,她们中的更多人在寻找变通方法,与此同时,沙特妇女也在国内施加了一些社会压力。如今女性占沙特劳动力的20%,比十年前的16%有所增长。根据世界的数据,它仍是世界上女性劳动者比例最低的国家之一。“With so many U.S.- and global-based businesses in Saudi Arabia, travel to the country is only going to expand,said Carol Margolis, the publisher of Smart Women Travelers. “Saudi women keep pushing for change and, as a result, travel into their country by Western women will become easier.”“随着这么多美国和国际性公司进驻沙特,到这个国家旅行的人只会越来越多,”《聪明的女性旅行者Smart Women Travelers)的作者卡罗尔·马戈利斯(Carol Margolis)说,“沙特妇女在不断推进改革,所以西方女性去她们国家旅行会变得更容易。”Finding ways to navigate around customs that might seem insurmountable at first “has been very interesting,said Ms. Ruddy, who also has developed projects in India.拉迪说,在最初看来似乎难以逾越的习俗中寻找变通办法“变得非常有趣”。她也在印度开发项目。“In Saudi Arabia, it’s clear they have a great admiration for expertise, so the rules were changed a bit when they saw that I was bringing expertise to the table, which is of course why they hired me in the first place,she said. “After a while, some of the men would even call me by name and make direct eye contact.”“在沙特阿拉伯,他们显然十分钦佩专业知识,所以当他们看到我能带来专业知识时,规矩就有所松动,当然他们起初雇佣我也是为了我的专业知识,”她说,“经过一段时间,其中一些男人甚至开始直呼我的名字,跟我有直接的目光接触。”Small victories, of course, in a world where the ability to gracefully work around traditions is valued because, as every business traveler contemplating a trip to an unknown culture knows, as a general rule, when you have to go, you have to go.当然,这些都是小小的胜利。在当今世界,在尊重传统的同时,寻找变通方法以便得体工作的能力显得越来越重要,因为每个商务旅行者在考虑前往一个陌生文化时,都知道这样的一般原则——如果必须去,那就别无选择。来 /201502/359390遵义市第一人民医院无痛人流手术多少钱

贵阳市私处整形一般需要多少钱Pakistani officials say jets and ground forces have killed 58 militants days after Taliban fighters attacked a school in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing 149 people, mostly children.巴基斯坦官员说,巴基斯坦战机和地面部队击毙了58名激进分子。星期二,塔利班武装分子袭击白沙瓦一所军队管理的学校,杀害了149人,其中大部分是学生。As Pakistan began a third day of mourning, the troops ambushed and killed at least 50 militants in Khyber near the Afghan border. Another eight were killed in southwestern Baluchistan province, including a senior Taliban commander.在巴基斯坦开始第三天的全国悼念之际,政府军在阿富汗边境附近附近开伯尔的提拉山谷伏击并打死至少50名激进分子。还名激进分子在俾路省被击毙,其中包括一名塔利班高级指挥官。The massacre at the military-run school in Peshawar Tuesday shocked the world and prompted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to lift a moratorium on the death penalty.星期二发生在白沙瓦学校的屠杀事件震惊了世界,随后巴基斯坦总理谢里夫撤销了对死刑的暂停令。On Thursday, the head of Pakistans military signed the death warrants for six “hard-core terrorists.”星期四,巴基斯坦军队首脑签发了针对6名恐怖组织核心成员的死刑执行令。The army did not release the names of the convicts and local media reported they would only be identified after their death.巴基斯坦军方没有透露名激进分子的姓名。当地媒体报道说,只有在他们死后才公布姓名。The warrants cannot be appealed, and the prisoners are expected to be hanged within days.死刑执行令不容上诉,预计这些罪犯将在几天内被处以绞刑。The convicts are said to be linked to attacks including a militant raid on the Pakistan military headquarters in Rawalpindi and assassination attempts against former President Pervez Musharraf.据称这些罪犯与袭击事件有关,包括激进分子袭击拉瓦尔品第的巴基斯坦军事总部以及针对前总统穆沙拉夫的暗杀企图。Human rights advocacy groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned Mr. Sharifs decision. Amnesty called it a ;a knee-jerk reaction which does not get at the heart of the problem.;国际特赦组织和人权观察指责谢里夫的决定。国际特赦说,这种“本能反应”,并未触及问题的实质。来 /201412/349984遵义市附件炎好吗 An interim nuclear agreement between Iran and six major powers will be extended through Friday to provide more time for talks on a final agreement, the ed States said Tuesday.美国星期二表示,伊朗和六大国同意将伊朗核谈判延长到星期五,为谈判达成最后协议提供更多时间;We have made substantial progress in every area, but this work is highly technical and high stakes for all of the countries involved,; said U.S. delegation spokeswoman Marie Harf.美国代表团发言人哈夫说,“我们在各方面都取得了重大进展,但是本星期的工作是高技术性的,对所涉及的所有国家都至关重要。;We are frankly more concerned about the quality of the deal than we are about the clock ...; Harfs statement said.哈夫还说,“坦率地说,我们更关注协议的质量而不是时间。”EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said earlier Tuesday, ;We are interpreting in a flexible way our deadline, which means that we are taking the time, the days we still need, to finalize the agreement,; adding several difficult issues to resolve remain.欧盟外交政策专员莫格里尼星期二早些时候说:“我们对最后期限有灵活的解释,这意味着如果最后敲定协议需要时间,需要几天的时间,我们就要花这些时间。”他说,还有几个棘手的问题有待解决。来 /201507/384548安顺市第二人民医院体检中心

安顺市人民医院人流费用The UK has begun taking orders for a government bond denominated in China’s currency a first for a western country.英国发行了一只以人民币计价的政府债券,这在西方国家中为首例。According to the Treasury, the sale is proof of the strengthening relationship between the UK and China.英国财政部表示,人民币债券的发行,显示出英中关系日益强化。The sale is expected to raise about Rmb2bn, or #163;200m, the same size as the first Islamic government bond sold by UK this year which attracted global investor orders of more than #163;2bn. In total the UK government plans to borrow #163;127bn from bond markets this financial year.此次发行预计筹集0亿元人民币(亿英镑),发行规模等同于英国今年发行的第一伊斯兰债券,后者已吸引全球投资者0亿英镑的申购。英国政府计划本财年总共从债券市场筹集1270亿英镑。By issuing debt in renminbi the UK is making a statement about its belief in the Chinese currency’s future in the international economic system. “Key to our long-term economic plan is increasing our exports to fast-growing economies like China,said George Osborne, chancellor, last week. “To do that, we need to make sure China’s currency, the renminbi, is used and traded here.”通过此次发行人民币债券,英国政府表现出对人民币在未来国际经济体系中地位的信心。英国财政大臣乔#8226;奥斯George Osborne)上周表示:“对于我们的长期经济规划来说,关键在于加大对中国等快速增长的经济体的出口……要做到这一点,我们必须确保中国的货币——人民币——在英国得到使用和交易。”The UK joins a host of governments and central banks in diverting reserves into the Chinese currency. Australia has announced its intention of holding 5 per cent of reserves in Chinese bonds, while Nigeria’s central bank keeps at least a 10th of its FX holdings in renminbi.许多政府和央行正将人民币纳入外汇储备,英国也是其中之一。澳大利亚已宣布计划将其外汇储备的大%投资于中国国债,而尼日利亚央行外汇储备中,人民币资产占到至少十分之一。The pace of internationalisation has picked up in the past year with new currency swap agreements, clearing banks and renminbi investment as being agreed in several financial centres. Russia this week set up a currency swap facility with the People’s Bank of China.过去一年人民币加快了国际化的步伐。数国与中国签订了新的货币互换协议、建立起清算行,几个世界金融中心间也就人民币投资配额达成协议。本周,俄罗斯也与中国央People’s Bank of China)建立了货币互换机制。While the UK bond is a first for a national government, the Canadian province of British Columbia became the first foreign government entity to sell a dim sum bond in late 2013.尽管英国政府是首个发行人民币债券的国家级政府,但加拿大的不列颠哥伦比亚省却是首个发行人民币债券的外国政府实体,该省013年底发行了“点心债”。The dim sum bond market renminbi-denominated issues outside mainland China began in late . So far this year dim sum issuance has doubled last year’s, according to figures from Dealogic, a data provider. The offshore market has typically offered lower funding costs than the onshore market.点心债是在中国内地以外发行的以人民币计价的债券。这一市场建立009年底。根据数据供应商Dealogic的数据,今年到目前为止点心债发行量比去年增加了一倍。对融资者而言,离岸市场的融资成本通常比中国在岸市场低。Most of the stellar growth has come from demand for capital from Chinese companies rather than multinationals.这轮强劲增长主要来自中国企业的资金需求,而不是跨国公司。Bank of China, HS and Standard Chartered have been employed to arrange the UK bond sale.中国(Bank of China)、汇丰银HS)和渣打银Standard Chartered)为英国人民币债券的指定承销行。The three banks joined the Treasury in holding an investor presentation about the bond in London this week and an online presentation aimed at Asian investors.本周,这三家与英国财政部共同在伦敦举行了债券发行路演,以及面向亚洲投资者的网络路演。来 /201410/336007 Burundis electoral commission has recommended pushing back national elections, after unrest sparked by President Pierre Nkurunzizas decision to seek a third term.布隆迪的选举委员会建议推迟举行大选之前布隆迪总统恩库仑齐扎决定寻求第三个任期,引起动乱。The National Independent Election Commission said Monday it has proposed legislative polls to take place on June 26, followed by the presidential election on July 15 and a senatorial vote on July 24.全国独立选举委员会星期一建议66日进行国民议会选举5日举行总统选举4日举行参议院选举。The presidential election originally was set for June 26, but there has been no campaigning in the wake of violent protests and a failed coup attempt last month in the capital, Bujumbura.总统选举原定66日举行,但在发生暴力抗议和上个月发生未遂政变之后,候选人没有展开竞选活动。Some opposition officials said the electoral commission lacks the legal authority to make any pronouncements because two of its five commissioners are believed to have fled the country.一些反对派人士说,选举委员会没有法定权力来宣布推迟大选,因为该委员会名成员中已有两人逃到国外。More than 100,000 Burundians have fled the country since the protests began.布隆迪爆发抗议示威以来已0万人出逃。The presidents supporters say he is eligible for a third term because he was elected by parliament, not voters, for his first five-year term in 2005. The constitutional court has ruled in favor of the president.恩库仑齐扎总统的持者说,他寻求第三个任期是合法的,因为005年第一次出任总统是由议会、而不是由选民选举的。布隆迪宪法法院持总统寻求连任。But his critics say that by running for a third term, he is violating term limits in the constitution and the accords that ended Burundis civil war.但批评者说,恩库仑齐扎的做法违法了宪法有关总统任期的规定和布隆迪内战结束时签署的阿鲁巴协议。The ed States has called on Mr. Nkurunziza not to run for a third term, saying the decision could destabilize Burundi.美国呼吁恩库仑齐扎不要竞选第三次连任,称这样做会破坏布隆迪稳定。来 /201506/379787贵州省肿瘤医院体检价格贵州省人民医院做四维彩超多钱

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