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2017年12月15日 02:38:01来源:中医典范

The Russian and Turkish presidents vowed to restore their friendship yesterday, ending an eight-month stand-off over the Syrian conflict as economic pressures and the failed Turkey coup drive the two regional powers together.俄罗斯和土耳其总统昨日誓言恢复双边友谊,结束因叙利亚冲突造成的长个月的对峙,经济压力和土耳其国内未遂政变推动两个地区大国走到了一起。Vladimir Putin greeted Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a former imperial residence outside St Petersburg overlooking the Gulf of Finland, for their first meeting since Turkish forces shot down a Russian military aircraft on the Syrian border in November last year.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)在圣彼得堡外俯瞰芬兰湾的前皇家庭院会见了土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)。这是自土耳其军队去年11月在叙利亚边境上空击落一架俄罗斯军机以来两人首次会晤。The “axis of friendshipbetween Moscow and Ankara had been resurrected, Mr Erdogan said following more than four hours of talks, adding that relations between the two countries would be closer than before the quarrel over Syria that brought them to the brink of military conflict.个多小时的会谈后,埃尔多安表示莫斯科和安卡拉之间的“友谊轴心”恢复了,他补充称,两国关系将比让两国走到军事冲突边缘的叙利亚争执之前更加密切。Ties “are a lot more robust than ever, and they will help us resist any potential crises Mr Erdogan added, addressing his Russian counterpart as “my dear friendthree times in as many minutes.两国关系“比以往任何时候都要稳固得多,这将帮助我们抵御任何潜在危机”,埃尔多安补充道。他分钟的发言次将俄罗斯总统称为“我亲爱的朋友”。The Turkish leader’s choice of Russia for his first foreign trip since last month’s failed coup gave the summit broader geopolitical significance, with some in the west fearing that the Nato member might be drawn into the Kremlin’s orbit, despite their support for opposite sides in the Syria conflict.在上月土耳其发生未遂政变后,埃尔多安选择俄罗斯作为海外出访的第一站,这赋予了这次峰会更广泛的地缘政治意义。西方一些人士担忧,身为北约(Nato)成员国的土耳其可能会靠拢克里姆林宫,尽管两国在叙利亚冲突中持对立的两方。Mr Erdogan was incensed by what he saw as a lack of solidarity from his Nato allies following the attempted putsch and criticism of the ensuing crackdown. In contrast, he welcomed the Kremlin’s unequivocal backing.在未遂政变和之后的镇压遭批评后,埃尔多安认为北约盟友不够团结,并因此愤怒。相比之下,他对克里姆林宫的明确持表示欢迎。“The western world must show solidarity with Turkey, which has adopted its democratic values,Mr Erdogan told Le Monde newspaper in an interview published yesterday. “Unfortunately, western leaders have preferred to leave Turkish people to themselves.”在昨天发表的一篇访谈中,埃尔多安向《世界报Le Monde)表示:“对于接受了西方民主价值观的土耳其,西方世界必须对它展现出团结。不幸的是,西方领导人宁愿让土耳其人民自生自灭。”He added: “Instead of showing empathy, western leaders had the opposite reaction. This makes us sad and it is unacceptable.”他还说:“他们非但没有表现同情,而且作出了相反的反应。这让我们遗憾,这是不可接受的。”Despite the detente, Mr Putin was more reserved, breaking barely a smile at a news conference. “There have been dramatic periods in our relations, but inevitably our mutual respect gained the upper hand,he said. “We want to and we will restore relations to the full dimension. We feel the sincerity of our Turkish friends and want to do this.”尽管关系有所缓和,但普京的态度更保守一些,在记者会上只是勉强笑了一下。他说:“我们之间的关系有过戏剧性的时期,不过我们之间的相互尊重不可避免地占了上风。我们希望、我们也会全方位恢复关系。我们感觉到了土耳其朋友的真诚,也希望这么做。”Mr Putin reacted furiously when the Turkish military shot down the Russian fighter after it allegedly crossed into Turkey’s airspace while patrolling northern Syria. The Kremlin imposed a series of embargoes on Turkey covering tourism, construction and food exports to Russia. It also denounced Mr Erdogan as an autocrat and accused his family of profiting from the illegal oil trade with Isis militants in Syria.在俄罗斯战斗机因在叙利亚北部领空巡逻时据称进入土耳其空域而被土军击落后,普京曾作出极为愤慨的回应。克里姆林宫向土耳其实施了涵盖旅游、建筑及对俄食品出口的一系列禁运措施。它还谴责埃尔多安独裁,并指控其家人通过与叙利亚境内的ISIS武装分子进行非法石油贸易获利。But yesterday, he said full restoration of economic and trade ties was “only a question of time Moscow and Ankara would seek to develop economic relations under a three-year programme running until 2019, he added. He did not give concrete deadlines for the revival of a visa-free travel regime and Russian charter flights to Turkey.不过,普京昨天表示,经贸合作关系的全面恢复“只是个时间问题”。他还说,莫斯科和安卡拉方面会寻求按照一份截019年的三年计划发展经贸关系。对于免签旅游制度和俄罗斯赴土耳其包机的恢复,他并未给出具体日期。来 /201608/459853。

  • Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday, which would make her the first woman to represent a major party in the race for the White House.希拉釷克林顿星期二赢得民主党总统候选人提名所需代表人票数,从而将成为美国历史上首位代表一个重要政党角逐白宫的女性。Her democratic rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, won North Dakota and Montana Tuesday, but Clinton won South Dakota, New Mexico, and New Jersey.星期二,另一位民主党总统参选人、佛蒙特州国会参议员桑德斯在北达科他州和蒙塔纳州的初选中获胜,而希拉里·克林顿赢得了南达科他州、新墨西哥州和新泽西州。Clinton also won the largest state in question, California, securing a majority of its 475 delegates.希拉釷克林顿还拿下了最大的拥有475张代表人票的加利福尼亚州初选,获得大部分代表人票。President Obama called both candidates Tuesday, congratulating Secretary Clinton for securing the necessary delegates to secure the nomination. He also thanked Senator Sanders for mobilizing millions of Americans and bringing attention to issues such as fighting economic inequality.奥巴马总统星期二给两位参选人打电话,祝贺希拉釷克林顿获得确保民主党总统候选人提名的代表人票。奥巴马也感谢桑德斯激励了众多美国选民,使人们关注如经济平等的一系列社会问题。Sanders told supporters in California that he called Secretary Clinton Tuesday evening to congratulate her. He spoke about working together to defeat Trump, but did not acknowledge Clintons presumptive nomination and gave no indication that he intended to concede, vowing to ;continue the fight;.桑德斯在加利福尼亚州对持者们说,他星期二晚上给希拉里·克林顿打电话,向她表示祝贺。他说,要共同努力击败川普,但他没有承认希拉釷克林顿已成为民主党推定总统候选人,也没有显示退选的意图,并表示要“继续战斗”。California results are not yet available. Clinton will not be the partys official nominee until the voting at the Democratic convention in July.加利福尼亚州的初选结果尚未公布。在民主月举行代表大会时,希拉里·克林顿才将被正式提名为该党总统候选人。来 /201606/448517。
  • Brazils Senate voted last Wednesday to move the impeachment trial against suspended President Dilma Rousseff to its final phase.巴西参议院上周三投票推动对被停职总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫的弹劾审判进入最后阶段。Senators voted 59-21 to approve a report calling for her removal after 16 hours of often-angry speeches.在经历了长达16个小时言辞激烈的辩论后,参议员们9票对21票的表决结果批准了一份要求将罗塞夫撤职的报告。The start of the final phase needed only a majority of senators to be present, but 54 of 81 senators will have to vote to convict Ms. Rousseff to remove her from office.启动弹劾审判的最后阶段只需要多数参议员到场,但81名参议员中须4名参议员投赞成票,才能为罗塞夫定罪以将她撤职。The result was expected. The number voting against her—aly more than the two-thirds needed to eject her—suggests she faces an uphill climb if she wants to stay in office.这一结果是符合预期的。投票反对她的人,也就是弹劾她的人已经超过了三分之二,所以这就表明,如果她还想留在总统办公室,那么她的处境就犹如爬坡一样艰难了。Rousseff is accused of committing fiscal fraud in an attempt to balance the 2014 budget. She has not yet made comments on the Senates decision.罗塞夫因试图平衡2014年预算而被指控犯有财政诈骗罪。她尚未对参议院的决定做出。According to earlier reports, the impeachment trial is expected to take place in late August or early September.根据此前的报道,弹劾审判预计将在8月末月初进行。来 /201608/461660。
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