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Ivanka Trump is poised to play an active role in her fathers administration, assuming some of the duties normally assigned to the first lady.据报道,伊万卡·特朗普已经准备好在她父亲的总统任期内发挥积极作用,将可能承担一些通常属于“第一夫人”的职责。Trump transition aides are aly planning for an ;Office of the First Family,; in the East Wing where the current office of the first lady is located, sources familiar with the plan told CNN.熟悉内情的消息人士向CNN透露,特朗普过渡团队的助手们正在计划将位于白宫东侧的、当前的第一夫人办公室设置为“第一家庭办公室”。Melania Trump is still expected to play a role in the White House. However, Ivanka is expected to have a prominent slot as well.虽然“准第一夫人”梅拉尼娅·特朗普也有望在白宫发挥自己的作用,但伊万卡将会在白宫中占据突出位置。A source said she is likely to play the part of Washington hostess as well as advise her father on issues including family leave to climate change.消息来源表示,她可能会作为白宫的“女主人”,以及在一些问题上为特朗普出谋划策--包括从家庭休假问题到气候变化事务等;No decisions have been made regarding Ivankas role,; Hope Hicks, Trumps spokeswoman, told CNN.不过特朗普的发言人霍普·希克斯告知CNN:“伊万卡在白宫中的角色还没有确定。”Titles for Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have not been determined. But Kushner, a publisher and businessman, is expected to have his own role outside of the family office -- the latest indication that he could be bound for the West Wing.伊万卡和她的丈夫贾里德·库什纳的职衔目前尚未确定。不过,作为一名出版商和生意人,库什纳的职责范围可能不在第一家庭办公-最新的猜测是他可能会被安置在白宫西厅。Trump has indicated Don Jr. and Eric will retain control of his business operations while hes in the White House, while Kushner and Ivanka are expected to move to Washington and work closely with him in government.特朗普曾暗示,自己任职期间,儿子小唐纳德和埃里克将继续打理家族生意,而女儿伊万卡和女婿库什纳则会和他一道搬到华盛顿,与他一同在政府工作。The details remain murky, however, both because of Trumps opaqueness and a federal nepotism law. Passed in 1967, the law states no public official -- from the President down to a low-level manager at a federal agency -- may hire or promote a relative.不过,由于特朗普的信息不透明以及美联邦在1967年发布的一个裙带关系法规,这些细节还难以确定。该法规声明,上至总统,下至低层官员的任何公职人员,都不得雇佣或提拔亲属。Kushner, who is related to Trump by marriage but not blood, would still be ineligible. The law specifies ;son-in-law; as a type of relative covered by the rule.库什纳是特朗普的女婿,没有血缘关系,但仍然是不允许的,因为该法规明确规定“女婿”也属于亲属。However, there could be a loophole for the ban. The law states that any appointee found to have violated the law is ;not entitled to pay; by the federal government, which offers the opportunity for Ivanka and Kushner to forgo paychecks while still serving the administration.然而,它还是有漏洞-该法规还声明,对于任何违反规定的人,联邦政府都“不予发放薪资”。这给了伊万卡和库什纳放弃薪水却能继续为政府效力的机会。来 /201612/485275A pivotal deal to staunch the flow ofmigrants from Turkey into the EU, masterminded by German chancellor AngelaMerkel, was thrown into doubt yesterday after the resignation of Turkey’spro-European prime minister.土耳其亲欧洲的总理昨日宣布辞职,此举给德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)打造的一项旨在阻止移民从土耳其流入欧盟的关键协议带来变数。Ahmet Davutoglu, who personally negotiatedthe deal with Ms Merkel, quit following a power struggle with President RecepTayyip Erdogan. The premier’s departure imperils an agreement credited withsharply reducing the influx of asylum-seekers into the EU and rescuing MsMerkel from a potentially fatal political backlash.曾当面与默克尔谈判达成这份协议的艾哈迈德#8226;达武特奥Ahmet Davutoglu,上,因为与总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)发生权斗而辞职。达武特奥卢的离去将危及这项被认为大幅减少涌入欧盟的难民——且拯救默克尔于一场潜在致命政治反弹——的协议。The deal enables the EU to send migrantsarriving illegally on the Greek islands back to Turkey in exchange for aneasing of visa requirements on Turkish visitors and financial aid. However, MrErdogan has responded coolly to the agreement and has shown increasinghostility towards the EU.根据该协议,欧盟可将通过非法途径抵达希腊诸岛的移民遣返回土耳其,作为交换,欧盟将放宽对土耳其游客的签要求,并向该国提供财政援助。然而,埃尔多安对该协议反应冷淡,而且对欧盟表现出越来越强烈的敌意。Without reforms to Turkey’s anti-terrorismand anti-corruption laws, which Mr Erdogan has angrily resisted, Brussels maybe unable to grant some of the most important concessions in the deal a movethat Ankara has aly warned would cancel its obligation to curtail refugeecrossings into Greece.如果土耳其不改革国内的反恐及反腐败法律(埃尔多安对此愤怒抵制),布鲁塞尔方面可能无法做出该协议中一些最重要的让步,而安卡拉方面已警告称,这进而将使其没有义务限制难民过境土耳其进入希腊。“We’ve made good progress on the agreement with Turkey,Ms Merkelsaid in Rome yesterday. “The European Union, or at least Germany and Italy, areprepared and stand by the commitments that we’ve agreed to. We hope that ismutual.To keep the pact on track, Ankara must still meet several benchmarks,including revisions to its anti-terrorism legislation to ensure civilliberties. But Mr Erdogan has been loath to support them. EU officials are nowconcerned that Ankara will backtrack on reform commitments.“我们与土耳其在落实该协议方面取得了良好进展,”默克尔昨日在罗马表示,“欧盟——至少德国和意大利——准备履行并坚守我们做出的承诺。我们希望对方也能做到。”要落实该协议,安卡拉方面还必须达到多项标杆,包括修订反恐法以保障公民自由。但埃尔多安不愿持这些修订。欧盟官员现在担忧安卡拉将放弃改革承诺。“It’s certainly not good news for us,”said one EUofficial. “Erdogan would be very ill-advised to throw this out of the windowand think this is now a matter of horse-trading. He thinks it’s 50 percent wriggle room, and the rest is all arm-wrestling.”“这对我们来说肯定不是好消息,”一名欧盟官员表示,“如果埃尔多安随随便便撕毁这一协议,并认为这是一个政治交易问题,那将是很不明智的。他现在以为这其中有50%的回旋余地,剩下的则靠掰手腕较劲。”Sinan Ulgen, a former Turkish diplomat atthe Carnegie Europe think-tank, said Mr Erdogan has been “much morecategoricalin resisting changes to the anti-terrorism law. He added that withthe ruling AK party and parliament in disarray, the chances of reform beingpassed in time for a June deadline was becoming ever more unlikely.土耳其前外交官、现在任职于卡内基欧洲智库的锡南#8226;于尔Sinan Ulgen)表示,埃尔多安一直“相当明确地”抵制修订反恐法。他补充说,随着执政的正义与发展AK Party)和议会陷入混乱,改革月的最后期限前获得通过的机会已变得越来越渺茫。Mr Davutoglu, in office less than twoyears, had sparred for months with Mr Erdogan on issues including the detentionof academics and journalists, talks with Kurdish separatists and theappointment of an independent central bank governor, as well as relations withthe EU. 上任不到两年的达武特奥卢几个月来与埃尔多安在多个问题上矛盾不断,包括拘留学者和记者、与库尔德分离主义势力进行谈判、任命独立的央行行长以及与欧盟的关系。His departure leaves Mr Erdogan in theunassailable position of Turkey’s most powerful politician . The AK party will now hold anextraordinary congress on May 22 to choose a new party leader.达武特奥卢的去职将进一步巩固埃尔多安作为土耳其最具实权政治人物的地位。正义与发展党将2日召开特别代表大会,选举新的党魁。来 /201605/441903Unknown armed men have kidnapped two foreigners, thought to be a U.S. citizen and an Australian, in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The two are believed to be employees of the American University of Afghanistan.身份不明的武装分子在阿富汗首都喀布尔绑架了两名外国人。据信,一名是美国公民,另一名是澳大利亚人,他们都是阿富汗美国大学的员工。A local police official in the area who requested anonymity told VOAs Afghan service that men disguised in National Security forces uniforms kidnapped the foreigners Sunday night.当地一位不愿透露姓名的警官告诉美国之音阿富汗语组,星期天晚上,武装分子在国家安全部队制的伪装下绑架了这两名外国人。The U.S. State Department said in a statement it is ;aware of reports of a U.S. citizen kidnapped in Kabul,; but did not provide any more information.美国国务院发表声明说,“已获悉一位美国公民在喀布尔被绑架的报道”,但没有提供更多信息。The Australian government confirmed the ;apparent kidnapping; of one its citizens.;澳大利亚政府也实了一位澳大利亚公民“显然被绑架”的消息。Kabul police have launched an investigation and an operation is under way to find the abductees.喀布尔警方已经展开调查,采取行动,寻找被绑架者的下落。来 /201608/459361

THE EFFECT OF RAPID CHANGE 飞速变化的效应Social scientists, after crunching data from both sides of the Atlantic, have discovered something surprising: it’s not the amount of racial or ethnic diversity in a community that predicts white resentment and support of anti-immigrant policies, but the pace of change.社会科学家们分析了来自大西洋两岸的数据,发现了一些惊人的事情:在社区内,引起白人不满,并令他们持反移民政策的,并不是多样化民族或种族的人数,而是变化的速度。Denmark, for instance, is 88 percent white Danish today hardly a majority in jeopardy. But a generation ago, in 1980, it was 97 percent white. The anti-immigrant Danish People’s Party is now the second-largest party in the Danish Parliament. In Germany, where the foreign-born population shot up by approximately 75 percent between 2011 and 2015, the anti-immigrant, populist Alternative for Germany party is now drawing record support.以丹麦为例,如今8%的丹麦人口都是白人——这样的多数地位很难动摇。但980年,也就是上一代人的时候,丹麦7%的人口是白人。反移民的丹麦人民党(Danish People’s Party)现在是丹麦议会中的第二大党。在德国,从2011年到2015年间,非本土出生人口激增了大约75%,反移民的民粹政党德国另类选择Alternative for Germany)如今获得了破纪录的持率。Britain saw a 66 percent increase in its foreign-born population between 2004 and 2014. Voters who chose “leavein the recent referendum overwhelmingly cited immigration as their main concern.在英国,004年到2014年,非本土出生的人口增长6%。最近的全民公投中,投票选择“离开”的人大都说移民问题是自己最大的顾虑。Professor Kaufmann and a colleague, Gareth Harris, found that white Britons who lived in areas that are rapidly diversifying became more likely to vote for the right-wing British National Party. Daniel Hopkins, a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania, found a similar pattern of ethnic change leading to anti-immigrant politics in the ed States.考夫曼和同事加雷#8226;哈里Gareth Harris)发现,居住在那些人种快速多样化地域的英国白人更倾向于投给右翼的英国国家British National Party)。宾夕法尼亚大学政治学教授丹尼尔#8226;霍普金斯(Daniel Hopkins)在美国发现了相似的民族变化导致反移民政策的规律。Immigrant populations in Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee have more than tripled since 1990, noted Lee Drutman, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, in an analysis for Vox. Anxiety over those changes may explain why the Republican Party became so much more focused on limiting immigration over that period and why white voters in those states overwhelmingly support Mr. Trump.新美国基金会(New America Foundation)高级研究员李#8226;德鲁特曼(Lee Drutman)在一份给Vox的分析文章中指出,在阿肯色州、北卡罗莱纳州和田纳西州,移民人口是1990年的三倍以上。围绕这些变化产生的焦虑或许可以解释共和党为什么在这个阶段更关注限制移民问题,还有这些州的白人投票者们何以压倒性地持特朗普。THE WHITENESS TABOO “白”之禁忌For decades, the language of white identity has only existed in the context of white supremacy. When that became taboo, it left white identity politics without a vocabulary.几十年来,白人身份认同话语只存在于白人至上论的语境之中。当白人至上论成为禁忌,白人身份政治就陷入一种失语状态。If you are a working-class white person and you fear that the new, cosmopolitan world will destroy or diminish an identity you cherish, you have no culturally acceptable way to articulate what you perceive as a crisis.如果你是一个工薪阶层的白人,担心这个充满国际性的新世界会摧毁或贬抑你所珍视的身份认同,那么你并没有一种在文化上能够被接受的方式,去阐明自己内心感受到的危机。Some of these people have instead reached for issues that feel close to their concerns: trade, crime, the war on drugs, controlling the borders, fear of Islamist terrorism. All are significant in their own right, and create very real fears for many people, but they have also become a means to have a public conversation about what society’s changes mean for white majorities.这些人当中,有些人会借助另一些问题表达他们的忧虑:贸易、犯罪、毒品战争、边境控制、对伊斯兰恐怖主义的恐惧。诚然,这些问题都很重要,也为许多人带来了真切的恐惧,但是它们已经变成一种方式,公众借助这些问题来讨论社会变革对于占多数的白人群体的影响。Professor Ivarsflaten cited the U.K. Independence Party, whose official platform focused on Brexit but whose pitch to voters emphasized immigrantseffects on the economy and culture, as an example of an effective hybrid populist pitch.伊法斯夫拉腾以英国独立党(U.K. Independence Party)为例,它的官方平台力主脱欧,但是面向选民的宣传中又强调移民对经济与文化的影响,她说这是一种混合了务实与民粹的论调。The approach has in some cases moved from the political fringes into the mainstream. Some leaders from Britain’s center-right, governing Conservative Party, for example, helped push a British exit, and since the referendum the new Conservative prime minister, Theresa May, has signaled sympathy with white identity politics.在许多情况下,这种做法已经渐渐从政界边缘进入主流。比如说,英国的执政党保守党立场是中间偏右,它曾经推进英国脱欧,公投之后,新的保守党首相特丽#8226;Theresa May)表现出对白人身份政治的同情。Mrs. May’s government proposed a rule that would publicly shame employers who hired foreign workers. And her first major speech was full of barbs directed against multiculturalism, including a jab against people who claimed to be “citizens of the world,whom she called “citizens of nowhere.”梅的政府提出了一条规则,以公开羞辱雇佣外国工人的雇主。她的第一次重要讲话中充满了对多元文化主义的尖锐讽刺,比如讽刺那些自称“世界公民”的人其实“哪儿的公民也不是”。But the struggle for white identity is not just a political problem; it is about the “deep storyof feeling stuck while others move forward.但是白人身份认同的斗争不仅仅是个政治问题,它也是一个“深藏的”故事,一个看到别人都在向前,自己却感觉困在原地的故事。There will not likely be a return to the whiteness of social dominance and exclusive national identity. Immigration cannot be halted without damaging Western nationseconomies; immigrants who have aly arrived cannot be expelled en masse without causing social and moral damage. And the other groups who seem to be “cutting in lineare in fact getting a chance at progress that was long denied them.回归白人占统治地位的社会,实施排外的国民身份认同,这样的事情不太可能发生。移民一旦停止,肯定会损害西方国家的经济;如果大举驱逐已经到达的移民,肯定会引起社会与道德上的损失。那些看似来“插队”的人群其实是在寻觅一个机会,加入到一个长久以来把他们拒之门外的进程中来。Western whites have a place within their nationsnew, broader national identities. But unless they accept it, the crisis of whiteness seems likely to continue.在西方国家更新、更广泛的国民身份认同里,白人们也有自己的一席之地。但是除非他们接受这一点,“白”的危机仍会持续存在下去。来 /201611/475994

For someone who once claimed to know more than the generals about Isis, Donald Trump seems to crave the opinion of men in uniform.作为一个曾自诩比将军们还了解伊斯兰ISIS)的人,唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)似乎渴望得到军方人士的意见。With the likely nomination of John Kelly to run the homeland security department, Mr Trump will have chosen a third retired general for his national security team, 他可能提名约凯利(John Kelly)执掌国土安全DHS),这将是他为自己的国家安全团队选择的第三位退役将军。after the selection of James Mad Dog Mattis as defence secretary and Michael Flynn, a controversial intelligence officer, as national security adviser.之前他已选了疯(Mad Dog)詹姆马蒂James Mattis)担任国防部长、有争议的情报官员迈克尔.弗林(Michael Flynn)担任国家安全顾问。At the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr Trump has nominated Mike Pompeo, a West Point graduate and retired army captain. 他还提名西点军校(West Point)毕业的退役陆军上尉麦庞贝(Mike Pompeo)执掌中央情报局(CIA),And he is considering retired general David Petraeus for secretary of state and Admiral Michael Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, for director of national intelligence, the role that oversees the entire US intelligence community.并且正在考虑让退役将军戴彼得雷乌David Petraeus)担任国务卿,让国家安全局(NSA)局长、海军上将迈克尔.罗杰Admiral Michael Rogers)担任国家情报总监(Director of National Intelligence)、掌管美国的整个情报体系。The reliance on military figures has prompted warnings about national security strategy in the Trump administration both that the military could become more politicised and that policy could become too militarised.特朗普对军方人物的倚重,引发了许多人士对其政府的国家安全战略的警告——军方可能变得更加政治化,而政府政策可能变得更加军事化。Republicans in Congress are aly paving the way to arrange a waiver to allow Mr Mattis to serve despite a decades-old rule 在国会,共和党议员已经在为促成一项豁免条款、使马蒂斯能够出任国防部长铺路子。that military officers must be out of uniform for seven years before being appointed Pentagon chief. 根据一条实行了几十年的法律,军官必须退役满7年后才能被任命为国防部长,这是为了确保文官对军队的控制。But some Democrats want to block any effort to circumvent a law that was put in place to ensure civilian control of the military.一些民主党议员希望阻止任何试图绕过这条法律的努力。Few critics would go as far as Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, who warned on Twitter that the cabinet was starting to look like a military junta. 批评者中最疾言厉色的当数肯尼斯.罗Kenneth Roth),这位人权观Human Rights Watch)的执行主任在Twitter上警告称,这个内阁开始像军政府了。But many believe the appointments could erode the necessary political buffers that separate the civilian and military worlds.但很多人的确认为这些任命可能削弱把文官和军方分隔开所必需的政治缓冲区。Many of these generals stand out because what they can do is so remarkable, says Phillip Carter, a retired army officer at the Center for a New American Security in Washington. 很多将军脱颖而出,这是因为他们能够做的事不同寻常,退役军官、在华盛顿的新美国安全中Center for a New American Security)任职的菲利普.卡特(Phillip Carter)称,But one of the dangers is that it militarises the approach to different policy issues.但有一个危险是,这种安排会使得处理不同政策问题的方式变得军事化。The presence of so many generals might not come as a surprise, given the military’s status as the most respected institution in the US. 考虑到军队是美国最受尊敬的机构,如此多的将军进入特朗普政府或许并不令人意外。American voters have shown they resent the decade and a half of wars the country has been involved in, but they lionise the veterans who have fought in them.美国选民5年来自己国家所参与的战争表现出憎恨情绪,但是他们崇拜那些曾经参战的老兵。A former student of New York Military Academy, Mr Trump often veered during the election campaign between veneration of past generals, notably George S Patton 特朗普曾就读纽约军事学院(New York Military Academy),在竞选期间,他一方面对乔巴顿(George S. Patton)、and Douglas Mac-Arthur, and biting attacks on the current generation of commanders who he claimed had been reduced to rubble.道格拉斯.麦克阿瑟(Douglas MacArthur)等已故将军崇拜不已,一方面又对当今的指挥官们大加抨击,说他们是废柴。The first risk of having so many senior military figures in his cabinet is the impact on the active military. 在内阁中任命众多军方人物,第一个风险是会对现役军人造成影响。With their eyes on high-level posts in a future administration once they retire, some commanders might be tempted to tailor their advice to politicians in order to win favour. 一些指挥官谋求退役后进入新政府中担任高级职位,他们在提出建议时,可能会不由自主地迎合政治人物的观点,以取对方好感。Martin Dempsey, former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, warned in the summer about the growing presence in political campaigns of retired military personnel, including Mr Flynn and John Allen, a former Marine general who was supporting Hillary Clinton.前参谋长联席会议主席马丁.邓普Martin Dempsey)在今年夏天对退役军官日益参与政治活动的情况发出警告,其中包括弗林和当时持希拉克林Hillary Clinton)的前海军陆战队上将约艾伦(John Allen)。I worry#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;about military people angling for political jobs as retirement approaches, says Kori Schake, a Stanford scholar who co-wrote a book with Gen Mattis on civil-military relations.我担心……快退役的谋求政治职位的军人,科里.斯卡Kori Schake)表示,这位斯坦福大学的学者与马蒂斯将军合著了一本有关文武关系的书。The second potential problem is that in a Trump administration dominated by generals, there is a risk the military may be seen as the solution for many problems and that other approaches will be played down. 第二个潜在问题是,在将军们占据重要地位的特朗普政府,军事途径可能被视为很多问题的解决办法,其他解决办法可能被忽视。With a budget that dwarfs other parts of the government, the tendency to look first to the Pentagon for answers during a crisis could become more pronounced. 在军事预算远超其他政府部门的情况下,在危机中以五角大楼马首是瞻的倾向可能变得更加突出。The symbolism of having a former general running the homeland department, which is responsible for border security and a range of other domestic security issues, has left some uncomfortable.把负责边境安全及一系列其他国内安全问题的国土安全部交给一位退役将军来执掌,其中的象征意义让一些人感到不安。However, some of Mr Trump’s generals do not fit easily into a warmongering stereotype. 不过特朗普提名的一些将军不太符合军人好战的刻板印象。Mr Kelly is the highest ranking recent officer to have lost a child in war after his son Robert, also a Marine, was killed in Afghanistan.凯利是近年在战争中承受丧子之痛的级别最高的军官,他的儿子罗伯特(Robert)(也是海军陆战队员)在阿富汗遇难。Mr Mattis, who has often called for an increase in the state department budget, warned this year that Americans had forgotten the huge death tolls that came with war.常常呼吁增加国务院预算的马蒂斯在今年警告称,美国人已经忘记了伴随战争而来的庞大死亡数字。He said the public view was that we can do what we wish with the Petri dish called the military and there is no consequence, and that there needs to be a little more humility and a little more modesty on the part of those who may have statutory, legal, constitutional authority over the military.他表示,民众的观点是我们可以用被称为军队的培养皿来实现我们的意图,而且没有任何后果,那些可能对军队拥有法定、合法以及宪法权力的人,应该多一点谦卑和谦虚。And while some Democrats have raised concerns about civilian control of the military, others have welcomed the appointment of Mr Mattis to the Pentagon because they believe he will act as a restraining influence on Mr Trump, rather than push him into action.一些民主党人对文官控制军队提出了担忧,而其他人对马蒂斯被提名为国防部长表示欢迎,因为他们认为马蒂斯将会促使特朗普克制,而不会推动特朗普采取行动。The final problem is that military officers do not always make good politicians or White House officials. 最后一个问题是,军官并不总能成为出色的政治家或白宫官员。The most respected national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft, was an Air Force general, but Alexander Haig, a former army general, had to resign as Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state after just over a year after causing a civil-military crisis following an assassination attempt on the president.最受尊敬的国家安全顾问布伦斯考克罗夫Brent Scowcroft)曾是空军将军,但前陆军上将亚历山黑格(Alexander Haig)为罗纳德.里根(Ronald Reagan)担任国务卿仅1年多便被迫辞职,因为他在里根遇刺后引发了文官与军方的关系危机。Michael Mullen, former chairman of the joint chiefs, recently said he was worried about the militarisation of the government. 前参谋长联席会议主席迈克穆伦(Michael Mullen)最近表示,他担心政府军事化。Mr Mullen said many military brass did not understand enough about politics to navigate that world: 穆伦称,很多高级军官对政治的理解不足以使他们在政界应付裕如。I don’t care what any of them say, they don’t know what they are getting into.我不关心他们任何一个人说什么,他们不知道自己要面对什么。来 /201612/483604

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